Boss battles

Since I’m new here I’m obviously not going to be updated on some of the concepts going on, and may be a little outdated. Anyways, I remember going on SCU a while ago and reading a bit about a 2D Metroid Prime, but I swiftly forgot. Then I come back to SCU and remember this project, so I come and see the whole site, and how cool it looks. I’m willing to help out in any way I can. :slight_smile:

Anyways, I was thinking about the boss battles. Since they mostly take place in environments that require you to “run around” the arena and whatnot, might I suggest that you have four “sectors” to each boss battle area? Simply put, you run across one sector, shooting at the boss while the shield is down (I’m writing this in the view of the Parasite Queen battle, by the way), and then when you reach the end of that sector, you move to a different perspective 90 degrees away from the original sector. I know it sounds crazy, but hey, I’m trying to help as best I can.

I also know there may be an issue when it comes to the multiple doors in various rooms of Metroid Prime. We could use that “multiple perspective/sector” idea here, too. If you want to change to a different perspective, you can press a set button and it’ll change so you can access different doors and routes.

Though these may be decent ideas for other games, I realise that the concepts, mostly the latter concept, may defeat the whole purpose of a whole 2D Metroid game. Hopefully you can take these into consideration, though.

For the Flaahgra battle (and other circular battles, like PQ), the area will rotate (with 2-D graphics, I think). This will keep the gameplay in 2-D but still with just the amount of 3-D needed for the battles to work. Very similar to the “sectors” idea, only with a little more freedom.

As for multiple doors on the same level… I can only recall one room in the entire game with more than 2 doors at the same level. And that would be in the Phazon Mines… somewhere. I can’t think of which room it was. Anyway, all the area maps have been drawn out already, so I don’t think that was too much of a problem. I’m guessing if there were 3 doors at the same level, two doors would be put with one on top of the other on one side with the last one on the other side.

Edit: Oh, the landing site has 3 doors at the same level, doesn’t it? I had never realized that before. Then I’m sure there are more I’m not thinking of…

Ah, I’m glad an idea similar to sectors has been made. I myself would have liked to see it so I’m happy. :slight_smile:

Yeah, there probably aren’t many rooms with designs like that, but I haven’t played MP in a while and when I think about MP, I think of the landing site. Of course, when I really think about it little rooms have doors spread out in different directions. It does in MP2, though, and since I’ve been playing so much of it I guess I can blame my idea on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

wait…like…viewtiful joe…?

Viewtiful Joe, :>_>: :>_>: :confused: , No I dont think they want to make it a cartoon metroid game anyway I don’t like Viewtiful Joe.

He meant the 2D concept of Viewtiful Joe…

Yay for pseudo-3d rendering!
So that means you can run right forever because it is a circle right?

for the elite pirate boss battle i think that the elite pirate should kind of look as the same in the metroid prime version but dosen’t nee back-up from the pirates. Elite pirate would look cool if he had new weapons perhaps a beam canon on his left shoulder or beam weapon like samus has. If youve played the game metroid prime 2 echoes, at the last boss battle when dark samus shoots the stream of phazon, elite pirate should kind of have the same attack but not that strong and the phazon bullets would be fantastic to. The battle field for the battle should look like the temple grounds in the dark world and have a bit of phazon pudles on the ground if its possible. Now the upgrade when you deffeat elite pirate will of course be the phazon suit bu the phazon suit should have a few changes on it.

WTF??? I have no comment. This is P2D for a reason. Not P2D + some of P2DE edited into major bosses.

Elite Pirates are the weaker pirates that attack you occasionally in the Phazon Mines. The Omega Pirate is the one you’re talking about, Alejandro.

And we’re definitely not changing the Omega Pirate that much. He still needs to be an Omega Pirate in a Phazon-filled cave. The Phazon Suit will most likely remain with exactly the same abilities.

your right Troid92 and also thanks for correcting me on the pirate thing i got a bit mixd-up.