Blood Alloy, a Metroid thing or whatever

A few months ago this happened and (obviously) failed, for a lot of reasons, one of them being that the art kinda sucked. So the creator went searching for a pixel artist and hired me, and now it sucks a bit less. Also because they rebuilt the whole thing in Unity.

So that’s a thing.

And speaking of Unity, that’s seriously something someone should look at with regards to P2D.

Looks really cool! :smiley:


Mhmm, lookin’ good! Too bad the generic non-pixel-art smoke clashes with the style of everything else.

Definitely! Do remember that it’s gonna be a long time before NetMission is ready to support something like P2D, and the original agreement was that we’d use NetMission only if you guys didn’t find something better first. :slight_smile:

Aww the project didn’t get funding. Are you still going to keep working on it?

Are you still working on it?

Yep, I think we’re shooting for an early access release early next year. There’s a lot of new stuff, the environment art in that video isn’t great (done by someone else who’s less experienced but faster) and I’m working on that, but the game itself also isn’t that good, which I unfortunately have no control over. I’d be surprised if it sells at all but at least I’m getting some cool shit for my portfolio.

I hate games with hyperactive cameras like that. Makes it really hard to follow what’s happening on screen.

WAIT, Blood Alloy was at Boston FIG?! Damn, I was there and didn’t see it. I missed an opportunity to say hi to you through the programmers or something silly like that. (Unless you were there, too…?!)
Also that is some pretty awesome character animation you’ve got there. Wish the 2nd and 3rd images would load but they require a login.