Does anyone use blender? I think its probably the best 3D modeling program ever. I tried 3D Studio Max, and I couldn’t figure out how to do anything.

I couldn’t manage much with Blender, and far prefer Maya both in power an ease of use.

Too bad it’s nigh-impossible to get a legal copy without paying an arm, a leg, and a testicle. :<

Ow, painful.

I’ve tried blender, thought it was OK, but gave up after I realised I was worse at modelling than I am at spriting.

Woah, what? Who, when, and where got away with keeping a testicle?
(By the way, the college I’m going to be going to gives out copies to anyone taking any computer class. [insert evil cackle here.] Sucks, though. The best thing my current college gives out is copies of XP server operating systems. And 2000 server os… oh, and whole computers. That suck. But whole computers all the same. Even if it is positive that it has a floppy disk drive, even after I disable it AND unplug it. And it wants to boot from that drive instead of my CD drive… ok, so it’s basically worthless.)

Did someone say blender?

the only 3D-modeling program i’ve used are wings and milkshape. i sucked at both.

gmax is pretty easy to use but it lacks exporting features… therefore, it’s mostly for hobby.

i tried blender once. tried to make something. failed.

this topic seems strangely familiar…

Lol doesn’t it?