Blender Help

Does anyone here know how to use blender? I recently got it and I cannot figure out how to work it well.

There was a topic on Blender before… all of us ended up figuring that it was too complicated.

Heh, I can’t even figure out how to move a frikin vertex >_> how am i supposed to model with something I can’t figure out! Right now Maya is looking pretty tempting but the price… not so much D:

There is a little thing that may help you out

uhh siriously… have you guys even thought about searching for “Blender 3d Modeler Tutorial” or something of the sort? i think there was one where it shows you a step by step guide to make a gingerbread man or something…
here we go……Gingerbread_Man

Yes, I did some of those. The problem is, the program didn’t do what the tutorial said it does. Instead of a nice, rounded model, I ended up with lots of spheres.

To move vertexes, enter edit mode, and right click and drag to where you want it.

I’d suggest trying Wings3D if you can’t figure out Blender. I just tried it and made a fairly decent model within three tries. Blender took me ages and I never made crap. >_>

Well, I understand it and everything, its just these one or 2 features.

Wings3D huh? Is it free? Or at least reasonably priced? Or is it $1000= , like Maya, or 3D Studio Max?

It’s free and much easier to use.

Maybe so, but I have doubts that it is as good. =P

it is.

Freakin’ easy and fun, too.

i got blender also and i use this guide blender 3d noob to pro