Blair Witch

i fear the blair witch… even being 100% sure that she doesnt exist (maybe 98) i fear all the history behind this… is the way that the movies do the legend sound… and the hole format of the blair witch project make it fell like true… oooh man… im scared to the death of it!!

Who is the blair witch? :confused:


No really who is the blair witch?

you are the first american that dont know this legend… ok, is a pain to me explain all, so look iin wiki… and prepare your nerves!

(rent the movie if u can, it worth)

Oh so this is what the blair witch is

Actually its my job to find and attck these legends and try to prove them real. A Paronormal Investigator if you will. Later this summer I have planned a trip to Puerto Rico to go Chupacabra hunting. On September 16th I’m heading to Mexico to try to get live footage of a UFO and to get the Mexican Military to shoot it down for me.