Biohazard Breakout Updates


On this fan game, you can chose out of 2 charicters + more than 4 Unlockable charicters which all have different scenarios.

The gameplay is like Resident Evil Gaiden which was on the Gameboy Colour but on Biohazard Breakout, the battle sequences are much different and this is more like an RPG.

Chris’s Adventure will start in the Raccoon Forest, on his way to the mansion, however… Jill’s adventure will start just as you’re about to enter the lab on the mansion and go on through to Raccoon City.

Not ALL sprites will be mine, but will be from Resident Evil Gaiden, but the backgrounds will be 100% my own.

The MAP system will also be available but you don’t need to collect them, you’ll have the MAP anytime.

Open doors will be Blue and Locked doors will be Red.
If you try to open a Locked Red door, it will give a discription of the door.

(The door has a encarving of a sword.)

A demo is not ready yet and will not be for a while as i need a faster computer for me to create my game so you will have to wait a while untill i can carry on making the game.

Here is a couple of pictures on the game:

As you can see, i still have to work on my backgrounds, but that is just a demo of the backgrounds.

so yes, i will probably start working on my game again in either 2008 or 2009 as i need to get a realy fast computer.

Thanks for reading and i will keep you posted.

atari 2600?
your using that kind of graphics

Would’ve been nice if you had some sprites or mock representation of in game graphics. I’m guessing you need to have played the games you were talking about to understand what it will be from those pictures but all I see is a couple of blocks.

Edit: Don’t know why you need a “really fast computer” to make a 2D based game. Furthermore don’t know why you even posted this if you dont intend on even starting it in 2-3 years.

Forgive the negetive review, but most fangame “ideas” without proof of concept or engine wind up vaporware. Even those who have half a game running have a hard time sticking to it.

Well, thanks for your comments, but this is just a thread to say that I will be making this as fast as i possibly can and the graphics there are not 100% compleate and will be much, much better when it comes to the full game.

However, i am not sure why i need a fast computer for a 2D game, but i have an idea why it is taking months to load.

I used to use an old basic painting programme which when i saved a .gif file it would make it terrible quality.

I have just got PSP 9.0 (Paint shop pro 9.0) and i saved a .gif File with that and the quality is PERFECT!

so before, to get perfect quality, i used to save as a .bmp so now that i can save .gif files then mabey it’ll run faster and smoother.

I’ll try it on a test game later.

Once again,
This is mainly advertisement, and i’ll let people know on a new thread when I am startign maiking the game again.

So a word to the admin/mods,
You can deleate this thread if you like :slight_smile:

i dont think there is anything wrong with bad graphics as long as you have an extremely good game!

thats true. I still like a lot of 2d game like ff4 and 6. and worms armageddon which has worse graphics than some super nintendo games.

Perfect! Someones who’s heard of Gaiden!

as a true resident evil fan (nobody can deny that) i try and IGNORE gaiden totally, gaiden sucked…really bad, it was the worst game for gameboy i have ever played…ever!

Because it was for Game Boy, lol. Imagine what it would be like on a GBA instead?

…listen, just do me one favor, dont use actual resident evil characters, people will get angry and say it goes against storyline somehow, make new interesting characters, that way you can say whatever you want! also…well…dont do like gaiden…whatever you do, lol!

I agree Gaiden was terrible but I’m happy some one knows about such a rare game. Like the movie basically?