best Zelda

which zelda game rocks the most

  • Zelda 1
  • Adventures of link
  • Link To The Past
  • Ocrina Of Time
  • Majoras mask
  • Wind waker
  • Oracle Of Seasons
  • Oracle Of Ages
  • Links awakening(DX)
  • Minish Cap
  • Four swords
  • Twilight Princess
  • Phantom hourglass(BTW unsure of release)
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Yes i said an unreleased game so sue me BTW i say OOT :smiley:>

i enjoyed that game very much too (when you played it at 7, it seemed to friggin change the way you viewed everything!, lol)

anyways, OOT was an extremely good game, however, i put my vote on link’s awakening

links awakening had an extremely sorrowful ending, and the questions the game makes you ask yourself not only impact your thinking on a level besides the game at some point, but the ending compounds the entire thing, with both reality, and the traditional choice, and effect of such.

overall, i gave link’s awakening the point because of course it made me question some deeper thinking, and has a bit of philosophy in it as well.

if you are reading anything of this trust me…


its just one of those games…

i agree however i just love oot o dont know why it just draws me into it somehow

Twillight princess kicks all the others asses put together, no joke.

LTTP. These realistic Zeldas just don’t do it for me. Zelda started cartoony and dammit it should’ve stayed that way, not evolved into one big LOTR ripoff. That said, LTTP was every bit as good as OOT gameplay wise, but with a setting that actually felt like Zelda, far more inspired puzzles (every single dungeon in OOT felt exactly the same, minus annoying as hell and really stupid puzzles like the water temple), damn good music (whereas OOT just had bland atmospheric tunes, and not even good atmosphere like Prime–although I do love the boss themes), and it’s just plain insanely replayable.

Link’s Awakening is similarly awesome, memorable, and replayable, but LTTP will always hold a special place for me. :3

Minish Cap is damn awesome though, might I add. It’s like the baby OOT and WW, minus the horribly boring traveling of WW, and minus the uninspired boring dungeons of OOT. <333

Both Oracle games were damn good too, though.

But meh, in the end, LTTP has the most memories, and it’s the most replayable, so it wins.

And before I get yelled at for saying Zelda shouldn’t be realistic–this is a series where you play as an elf in neon green who hangs out with fairies, and his primary antagonist is a fat, bright blue pig. OOT was an incredibly revolutionary game, and pretty good in most aspects, but it totally fucked up the setting and atmosphere to the point that the modern incarnations of the series don’t even remotely resemble what they grew out of… WW and MC were a step in the right direction, but thanks to all the OOT fanboys, they’ve thrown their corrections aside and gone back to “generic dark gritty dungeon crawler #42490853634” yet again… :\

Twilight princess OOT and some other unknown game were the ONLY games to get 100/100 from the toughest game critics around!!!

Lay off the punctuation there, boy.

Also, what does that have to do with anything? You just gonna throw that bullshit at anyone who disagrees? Then why make a topic to discuss it to begin with?

It’s their opinion that OOT and TP are awesome.

It’s my opinion that they’re good games, but horribly un-Zelda, and therefore not as awesome as LTTP.

Why are they allowed to have opinions but not me?

Also, game review sites suck. They’re horribly biased and inconsistant.

that i agree, however unlike all those retard sites this one is japanese and dosen’t rate things dependant on the violence content and how much blood comes out of dead peoples mouths upon death nuf said about that also you think this was the purpous of this you wrong i just strongly disagree w/ the OOT, MM and TP being un-zelda and the dissing of the music was also an irritant you just touched a nerve is all. on a final note i agree that WW’s travel system sucked
(ps:sry bout the outburst)

It “touched a nerve” and triggered an outburst because my opinion on something entirely subjective is different from yours?

Interesting logic there.

“By the way, you’re a fucking asshole because you have a blue avatar and I hate blue.”

That’d be a pretty stupid thing to say, wouldn’t it?

No more so than your previous post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Point is, calm down, realize that people won’t always agree with you, and stop making such B.S. generalizations.

And by the way, being Japanese has nothing to do with anything. Japanese reviewers can such just as much as Gamespot.

But seriously, you can’t honestly tell me that OOT actually feels anything like the older Zeldas. Hell, they took one of the most prominent enemies, redesigned them entirely, and made them a benevolent race of allies. Then they completely changed the graphical style (let’s face it, the old games weren’t that much more realistic than Mario) and turned it into LOTR Lite. Then they replaced the haunting and catchy melodies with a bunch of ambience with the occasional kickass theme. Then they replaced the innovative and clever varied puzzles with “find key. open door.” repeated ad nauseum about a thousand times.

OOT created an entirely new breed of game, and a damn good one at that.

It’s just not what I think Zelda should be.

But hey, that’s why we have stuff like MC and Phantom Hourglass alongside Twilight Princess–to keep those like me happy as well as those like you.

i think they both have thier place, even though they are within the same series, they can be a bit different and thats okay, variation can bring out some good things.

I cant remember, but was LTTP for gameboy, or SNES? The one for the gameboy (with the windfish??) was highly enjoyable, though I never managed to finish it.

However, you speak very highly of LTTP, so I’d like to check it out once it comes to VC. I’ve beaten the original zelda, and almost beaten Links awakening. While the gameplay is definetly engrossing, I still must say I enjoy the 3d ones more. Whether it’s because I played them first remains to be seen, but I dont see how you can dislike OOT for the change. As far as I see, OOT is the best N64 game of all time, and one of the best games ever. While Twilight princess beats it by story, cinema, and sheer content, as far as what was possible at the time, it was/still is something epic. Majora’s mask and Windwaker were also great games.
While I do enjoy the older zeldas, I havent been exposed to them enough to see your view, but I think Ocarina definetly took a step in a new, good direction.

BTW, Phantom hourglass FTW.

i hope they work very hard not to screw that up…

also, final fantasy crystal chronicles for ds is supposed to be coming out, yet i have seen nothing…

also, the windfish one is link’s awakening

trust me, you need to see the end, it ties the entire game together (emotionally, not through logic mind you)

phantom hourglass here ok? and LTTP was the game for SNES and did kick some ars however on a side note as far as SNES goes Super Metroid in my mind kills all SNES other titles in its wake

Sure, if you like sloppy controls, slow physics, bland music, and a complete lack of difficulty, SM’s the bomb. :stuck_out_tongue:

But that’s a topic for another topic altogether… ^.~

Smartdude, you’re right though. LA’s whole story was pretty interesting and thought-provoking. Damn good game too, although the tower with the eagle boss and the cannonballs drove me nuts ;__;

TP is… god if i said it was the best game ever made and will stay that way for the rest of eternity, that would be a downstatement… it’s got to be all those things plus… something really good…

meh, the last battle didn’t quite seem epic to me, in fact, very few last battles seem “epic” in the zelda games, save for WW, wonder if it will make a return for twilight…

so close…yet so far away…

anyways, going to see new bond. be back soon

WW’s finale was beautiful. The water falling, the music, the fact that Ganon dual-wielded Katanas while wearing a big robe and still managed to be agile as heck, fighting alongside an ally for once… and then the victory cutscene is probably the most badass moment of all Links.

Puppet Gannon Pissed the shit out of me and compared to him gannondof felt like a fly on the widshield of life i mean come on insect mod uggggggggggggg :imp:

yeah, the falling rain and such always is meant to feel epic, think of the finale for the matrix movie (the third, not nearly as good one).

by the way, they did however do a good job with the clash of titans music on third movie…

anyways, nobody give away an ending to anything, since we are close on such a topic.

my friend says that that tower is a pice of mther fing s but also not olsy is WW’s ending epic but OOtTs ending ws epic w/ the lightning and the gannon fight MM’s ending was’nt epic… it was just plain awsome :smiley: