best wii game

Of all of the games shown which rocks the most?

  • Corruption
  • Zelda Twilight Princess
  • Mario Galaxcy
  • Project Hammer
  • Super Smast Brothers Braul
  • not listed
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So i think zelda but thats just me what do you all think?

the games havnt benn out long enough and you cant judge a game by its previews.this is currently pointless.

omg some arent out this is mostly ment for crackpot theories of what you think is best (c’mon some of them arent even out yet)

General Metriod Discussion?

Smast? Braul?

Syntax Man you can’t even spell correctly. Why should we vote?

Still in the wrong forum to…

I’ll just lock this. Most of those games aren’t even released yet, and by the time they are released, there will be too many games to list in a poll. For now, just discuss the games in the Wii topic, or at least a topic in the right board that doesn’t fail nearly as much as this one.