Best ways to kill enemys

So I just thought I should start a thread like this and my first comment is in twilight princess the ball and chain will kill any un-dead or ice enemy (except poes). Also Bomb arrows terminate TP stalfos with extreme prejudice. Post useful tips on killing normally annoying enemys in any game here.

I’d like to point out that warning idiots usually stop them from making stupid threads… LOL JK!!! Ok seriously know, I find that using Grunts in WarCraft III in rushes usually turns tides in your favor.

And riflemen make a kickass army for humans… Just saying.
Same with crypt fiends, and archers, and trolls. 'Cept when I’m orc I usually go grunts or tauren anyway.

W00t, go ranged.

Dude… you spelt enemies wrong??? lol jk

Yeah. That is one way but then if you have the magic armor it doesn’t really matter. You can just take you time. 1…2…3…4…5… ah screw this.



ok i’m done

Sniping with napalm rockets. From space.

So what if it’s overkill?