Best Sprite Making Program

what do u think is the best Best Sprite Making Program???

I ALWAYS use paint. It’s real user friendly and stuff. Only thing is, the .bmp files are a bit large, so i use MX paint to convert to .png.

MSPaint all the way. I’ve been told Photoshop is better, but Photoshop is nothing for sprites, only for adding effects to’em.

I use Pro motion 5.1 its the best sprite making program,if u want try thr trial version here:cosmigo | pro motion – pixel art software for sprites, images, tile sets and more

Is that the default one? (A.K.A. paint?)

Yes, it is. Official name is Microsoft Paint. Most just call it paint. I call it MSPaint or MSP.

Aha. That was a long and pointless explanation…oh, well.

Paint. End of story.

Paint and Zelda classic that has this 8by8 tile amker which is handy for animating tiles…

It’s funny how the simplest program turns out to be the most used. (for spriting, that is)

Ilike Graphics gale now