Best N64 Game

yes i know this is’nt a poll it’s because the N64 had too many good games otherwise i would have l 40 option poll if included just the good games :slight_smile:
btw i say it’s OOT

I liked MM better than OOT for some reason… maybe because of the upside down temple stuff. And I liked how the Canyon tried to scare you lol.

hm…OOT, however, there are many more i find notable (will continue to add as i continue down memory lane)

ogre battle 64
resident evil 2
banjo kazooie
majora’s mask (no, dont look up majora you idiot, its purely a random name)
and many more

Perfect Dark N64 was (and still is) one of my absolute favorites. :wink:

Hm, I completely forgot about that one. Yeah, i own it and I still play it to this day. Lots to unlock in Chalenges and such.

Yeah… I’m still playing the multiplayer with friends too… o_o I’ve actually played PDZ too at a graduation party, and then we all got bored with it and moved onto the original.

Some games really don’t need sequels. .__.

Lylat Wars <3

Goldeneye <3

That’s about it… I loved Legacy of Darkness back when it came out, but it’s kinda annoying now that I try to replay it, and the awesome Gauntlet was succeeded by a much better sequel on the GC, so…


Super smash bros.
Ocarina of time
Super mario 64
Majora’s mask

I know, I’m really Nintendoish, but I didnt buy any of those other games.

another good game might i add is

turok 2: seeds of evil

since i only recently got an emulator for N64, and i only have vauge memorys of playing the N64 with my cousin who lives so far away, id only say:

  1. sarges heroes- i dont care how dumb it may seem, its an awsome game
  2. Starfox 64- multyplayer was fun
  3. Perfect Dark- i remember playing co-op
  4. all the 007s- nothing like a good shoot 'em up

perfect dark none the less. AKA laptop gun!!!

Hey, I just remembered about Paper Mario. I loved that game, the battles were pwnsmome and the badge system was great. I think I’ll go grab it for my Wii! :smiley: :smiley:>


I wasn’t gonna post in this topic, because me = not a N64 person, but then I remembered Paper Mario. Definitely the pwnsome.
Er, by remembered, I mean I read the above post.