best metroid game

whats the best metroid

  • metroid
  • metroid 2
  • super metroid
  • fusion
  • prime
  • hunters
  • zero mission
  • prime
  • pinball
  • all
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i like them all
cant decide

if this poll is done then just lok it

lol you can click on all the boxes… so thats what i did. XD

my favorite would have to be fusion because it has a really good plot.

I picked a few just because I could(n’t decide…)

I chose Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, Zero Mission, and all three of the Metroid Prime Games (1, 2, and Hunters).

they are all good, but fusion really got me hooked, its was way too short, however it is the only game that had such a good scifi atmosphere that at times it actually freaked me out a bit, not to mention the part about adam and all (no, that wasn’t a spoiler because it was very general)

i cant decide. i loved super, but also prime. fusion is short, but i can play over lots and not get bored. prime is at most 1% better than zero mission. if zero had been original, it probably would have been the best. 2 bad its a remake