best games company

what is it?

  • nintendo
  • sony
  • microsoft
  • sega
  • atari
  • namco
  • all
  • none
  • sod all i hate games
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i have to go with nintendo.

crappit dude! you missed Blizzard entertainment and capcom.

i did? damn.still nintendo is best


Whitout them, the arcade-scene would die.

Well, he’s going to miss a few game companies. It is pretty much impossible to name them all. Although I’m surprised that Atari wasn’t mentioned…
But yeah, Blizzard is the one that has currently ensnared me.

What IS Namco? Seriously. Nintendo= BEST GAMES EVER CONCIEVED!

Eh… Ever played Ridge Racer, Soulcalibur, katamari Damacy or Tekken?


I don’t see Enix listed.

And on a more classic side, poll position, galaga, or galaxian? Or, y’know, Pacman or Mrs. Pacman? I’m fairly sure you’ve at least HEARD of the last two.

Edit: Yeah, I noticed the lack of Enix, too… but for some reason, in threads like these, they seem very forget-able…

I’ve heard of some. FF is Enix right?

yhhheaa… kind off… now is square-enix … they got fusioned, and now ff come from they… but my… u dont know soul calibur? tekken?.. geez…

yea nintendo rocks

go nintendo ouou go nintendo ouou

cant believe forgot capcom and blizzard…and enix…

my favorite games are made by those guys…

I’m not going to respond to this poll because I have alot of favorite developers (none of which are listed here.)

none suck…just some arent as good as others

every poll on a forum will be biast, every forum attracts different people

I’d have to say Bungie or Ubisoft (specificly the Montreal and to a lesser extent Casablanca studios)

LOL @ sod i hate all vgs.
Anyways, I like’em all. I don’t get why you would hate them, they make games for you. And it isn’t war between the devs you know, you can like more than one… But you also missed VALVe and Blizzard and NCSoft and Bethesda Studios. I like those also :slight_smile:

i cant believe you forgot bungie… tsk tsk…

looks around wait, this is a nintend place huh?

oh well, bungie still pwnzorz

(for those who dont know, they made halo)

edit:crap. forgot bethesda(the elder scrolls). and ubisoft(l tom clancy games… and some). and day 1 studios(mechassault). and EA(THE SIMS!).

Your lack of Konami disturbs me.