Best Gamemaker

Which is best at Game Making?(in your opinion)

  • Multimedia Fusion
  • The Games Factory
  • Game Maker
  • Dark BASIC
  • C++
  • 3D Game Maker
  • Click & Create
  • other…
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Well, what do you think is the best? :confused:

It kinda depends. If you like real easy G makers and
want to make games by the load, The 3d game maker is the right choice.
But I would say MMF or TGF.

The type “Best Gamemaker” is kinda misleading… It should be Best Game Creator.

C++ is HARD to use but you can do a TON of stuff useing it.

I would think that this would belong more in the Fangames area, but then I don’t think that would make sense.

Anyway, I voted other… for RM2k3, since I like RPG’s >>

Though I’m a Game Maker user, I voted C++ because it is the least-limited.

RPG Maker is very limited, though it is nice having many things preprogrammed.

TGF is by no means the best quality, but it’s still my favorite for a variety of reasons, thus… TGF!

Why did this get moved?

Definitely C++. Under what other system can you make Quake, Doom, Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, program games for the gameboy advance and nintendo ds, gamecube, ps2, xbox, …

Because it belongs here?

uhh…Zelda Classic because thats the simple engine I use…

Gamemaker, hands down. You can make awesome 2D games for free, (and better ones if you register it) and when it’s registered, you can also make 3D games.