Best Game for the GCN

Which is the Best Game for Gamecube

  • 1:Resibent Evil 4
  • 2:Metroid Prime
  • 3:Metroid Prime 2 Echoes
  • 4:Mario Cart Double Dash
  • 5:Super Smash Bros. Melle
  • 6:Super Mario Sunshine
  • 7:Viewdiful Joe
  • 8:Animal Crossing
  • 9:Fill the Blank>___________
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Wii come, GCN goes.

Which games will you keep for the virtual console?

Resident Evil* sorry

Prime and Smash Bros ftw. No RE4 due to never playing it for more than 5 minutes total.

Also *Kart, *Melee, *Viewtiful

Prime 1. No contest.

Melee and Prime tied for me.
Prime for gameplay, Melee for replay value. I’ve spent 20 times more time playing Melee than Prime.

re4 is good, but i still think i enjoyed prime better, and sc2 was a good experiene also.

Aww man I just love playing meele but…I like prime…or RE4 Aww man there all good games!

…lets just admit it…gamecube kicks ass!

prime 1&2, melle, they rock. prime is , without doubt, one of the greatest games ever. im gonna b sad when gcn goes out of fashion…which im sure it actually has

not quite yet, wii is gcn compatible.

Since there are like two or three good games for the GC, and you have to use the disc to play the games on the Wii… why would anyone have to pay & download the games and use the emulator that’s in the Wii?

Wtf. You don’t download Gamecube games from the Virtual Console… You can only download SNES, NES, and N64 games.

Don’t forget Turbo Graf-x and other third party old consoles. I voted Melee cuz Melee is awsome and pwns competition, even though Prime is in it.

Same here.

Metroid: Prime outdoes all the other games on that list. i like smash bros, but Prime is too great. good replay value. :]

My top 5:
1: Smash bros
2: Metroid prime
3: F-zero GX
4: Metroid prime echoes
5: Eternal Darkness

47885632187: super mario sunshine
most gay mario game ever >_>

I thought that was what I wrote. :sweat:

  1. Prime
  2. Prime:Echoes
  3. Super smash bros melee
  4. super mario sunshine

i love all those games. i didnt see any one put Super Mario Sunshine… doesnt ANYONE like this game? its so fun! hell im gonna go play it right now.


i voted ssbm cus im awsome like that :slight_smile:

Metroid prime 2 echoes is cooler (in my opinion ) than metroid prime 1… but this third one may kick all the other asses

there is always a contest daz…

Resident Evil 4 will pwn you *******. Everyone is spelling ssbm wrong. It’s melee not melle or meele.