Beat Metroid Prime 2!

w00t! I WIN!

Really? I beat her first try. This is how: use super missles alot at the begining of the fight and you sould be able to kill her pretty soon. And read the descriptions about chraging in phazon.

i died on the omega fish,i cant remember the name,the boss you fight after get the gravity boost, and i have no memory card so i problably stay away from the game a few days after starting again

lol i know how that is. When i first got my cube, i unlocked 6 characters on smash brothers and no memory card. I just left it on until i got one XD

She’s really easy if you know the trick. Do NOT lock on. Manually aim to absorb phazon, and manually aim to release it. If you lock on, you WILL get hit a lot more.

hey thanks i’ll try that :slight_smile:
EDIT: BEAT HER! Your strategy doesn’t work for me, Dazzy.

Very Good, Now for Metroid Prime 3

no, now for getting 100% scans and items, then hard mode shudder

Good luck for getting a 100% of items and scans 8)

100% is a little too much for me,i beated metroid prime 1 without memory card and 76% of items colected, my hand were shaking after this,

CARALHO!! now io beated the alpha blog!! and advanced a little further in the game,this time i died on the spider guardian, i made some progess!!

:stuck_out_tongue: , Echoes is a breeze on hard mode, and it’s even easier to get 100% items and scans. The only kinda run I haven’t tried on Echoes is a hard no dark suit-mode.
Boost Guardian would eat me alive…

Hard mode: It took me 3 try to beat Amboris, and now cheat on. 8)

Knuckle why don’t you get yourself a Memory Card it save a lot of time.

i beat the game under 2 hour on hard…65% items only tho

1 memory card isn’t enough you need 2… who deosn’t ;love 6 files I need to get another memory card for christmas!

tell that you are joking, one memory card (50k)cant save the progress of echoes?!

Uh… no. Echoes only takes two blocks of memory for all three save slots. What he’s saying is that it’s good to have more than one memory card so you can save more than just three files.


hooh… i read so fast that did’nt even think in what was wrote,sorry, anyway my memory card just arrived,but i dont fell like using now… i arealy died on Caretaker Class Drone,im close to finish the game without it so… its more vantage just clear it like this…

MP2 uses 3 blocks…
and i beat it on hard…waaaay too easy

Yeah, the only “Hard” part about MP2’s hard mode is boost guardian. After you beat him, the rest of the game is a f***ing breeze.