Beam Demo Comments

Ok, I recently got the beam demo and am pleased with how the basics came out. But I couldn’t help mentioning a few things concerning it. I have heard other people talk about the morph ball and the speed and physics… But what about the rest of it? The little bits that might go unexplained?

1.) I have noticed that there is no collision checking when the Samus sprite hits a wall. It stops, but the gun goes through it, even with the ceiling.

2.) When running into a wall, the sprite doesn’t stop as if it hit the surface, it keeps running.

3.) When in the air, the morphball’s speed gives it faster movement. That means the player could jump far enough to bypass the need for space jump and the grapple beam.

4.) The speed of the morphball/standing transition is instant. This might mean that something could shoot at the center of the sprite, then miss it because the sprite is suddenly 1/3 the size of what it was before.

5.) When rolling down the slope, you could be facing (rolling) in the opposite direction, but you would still be going backwards.

6.) After going into morphball mode, when you go back to standing, it displays the aiming sprites when you are still moving.

If people have more comments about the Beam Demo, this can stop the countless flow of one-reply topics.

If I remember if you jump then hold forward and go into morph ball you will go farther than a normal jump.

You’re right. By doing the two jumps then turning into morphball, you can gain the distance the grapple beam might use or the space jump. That could represent a problem, even in the demo. I’ll list them all at the top so the game team and others can see.

I sort of enjoyed it, it cooled me down because they’re sure taking a long time with an actual demo, and I had fun with it. The sprites rock, yes the physics can use work, but it was still fun.

I tried that. It’s weird. O_o

Also, if you start running left and then also press the right button while not releasing the left, when you jump you will suddenly change direction! The same type of problem happens when you use the up and down keys instead of the left and right keys(respectively). You aim up, but when you jump you are aiming down!

Well, since this is for comments, what do people with a laptop do when they want to change beams? Laptops don’t have numpads. :neutral_face:

Yes they do, they’re just hidden by usually a FN key, or a pad lock key. It just changes some keys into the numpad, and from what I remember of the Beam Demo controls, those keys don’t affect anything gameplay wise, so you should look at your laptop keyboard for that.

I have a laptop too, and it’s not as hard as you might think. Press “Num Lk”, then the following keys should change to numbers…


Also, this isn’t the physics demo.

Metroid149, why did you bump and spam in a 3 month old topic?

Sorry, I didn’t relize it was three months old.