Battle of the OSes

Which operating system do you prefer?

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Other Linux Distribution
  • Mac OS X
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Since the RAM topic is completely off topic right now, I figured I’d start a new topic.

This is simply a topic for explaining your points on which operating system you prefer. Do not get out-of-hand on this, and do not flame other members.

Now, I’d like to mention a few things (sorry to pick on you, Liksmaskaren, but you argued the most, lol):

Even though I already answered this in the other topic, I’ll say it again: when you argue operating systems, you do not argue the software that can be run on it or comes with it. You can get good programs for Linux, Windows, and Mac for the most part (not games, but normal programs), so that doesn’t make a legit argument. Argue the features of the actual shell and not the software run over the shell.

PCs are made for customizing. Customizing is not necessarily a bad thing. Mac hardware is mostly around the middle, while PCs’ hardware can zig and zag around the middle in great amounts. If you have higher than that line, then you’re happy. If you’re lower (like me), then that just sucks. But it doesn’t mean we should all switch to Macs.

Did you really take those Mac vs. PC commercials seriously? PCs aren’t all about office and business, and Macs aren’t all about media. While PCs may be more work, you have a higher potential of getting something better out of it.

Now, to express a bit of my opinion:

  • PCs are really the best (in my opinion, of course). Customization is what I want, and I certainly get it.
  • None of the operating systems are bad although I like Windows and Linux better than Macintosh.
  • I prefer Fedora and Windows 7 out of all the operating systems, simply because of the balance between functionality, performance, and customization.
  • Do not ask what your OS can do for you, but what you can do for your OS.
  • By “customization,” I mean configuration as well as appearance. You can change almost everything in Windows/Linux (besides the actual shell) in one way or another.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but these are my points.

“When you talk OSes, I forbid you to talk about software.”
Two sentences later…
“The fact that you can add neon lights to a computer case makes the Windows Operating System superior.”

Choose some fairer rules please.

I prefer Linux as an OS, simply because everything, including the shell, is customizable.

I prefer XP x64 for apps due to raw horsepower.

And tim: neon lights is hardware, not software. He didn’t say anything about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

My point is that hardware isn’t more relevant than software when talking about OSes, unless of course, you are mentally afflicted with any of a number of symptoms colloquially recognized as “retardation”.

More like:
“An OS is the actual OS, not the stuff put on it.”
and then
“Customization is not stupid, so don’t use it as an argument against PCs, because it’s a good thing.”

There’s a difference between an operating system as software and software run on an OS. What I mean is the actual features of the operating system (theming, configuration, etc.) and not software run on it (web browsers, multimedia, games, etc.).

First of all, no one needs OSes. People needs apps that run on OSes. I don’t see how you can just reject the entire purpose of computers in a discussion about them.

Second, you can run Windows on a Mac and OSX on a PC. Why you’re discussing that is beyond me.

You can only do that if you have select hardware. The BIOS on many hi-end Motherboards and GPUs are incompatible with Mac OS’.


And also, it does make a difference, and shame on you for not seeing it.

I love XP, to me it’s the best OS ever made. Everything is easy to tweak and change, yet on the surface it keeps a smooth interface.
They can be especially great gaming machines, obviously since developers primarily make games for Windows only, plus there’s the Xbox, and anything that comes out on Xbox comes out for the pc within a year.

I have experience with many many linux distros, my favorite being Puppy for it’s filesize, features, and community.(But OpenSUSE is also hih on my love list.) (Plus it’s easy to install, almos as easy as Ubuntu.) Most distros have a very windows-esque feel to them, until you get into Terminal and programming side of it. I couldn’t get into Linux because it just wasn’t the same to me.

Macs… Well… While I have no experience with the most modern mac, the ones I have used annoyed me greatly. I’m sure it has changed greatly since I last used it, and I have considered putting it on my Lenovo S10, but in the long run, Windows just feels better.

AKA: Gaming.

I have no problem with you guys preferring Windows, since I do too (though Macs do make excellent seats). I just think it’s ridiculous that the rules for discussion are “Don’t mention anything that might make Macs sound good.”

I like Windows XP. It can run on a 300 MHz computer with 64 MB RAM and a 2 GB hard drive, and hardly downgrades the performance on that.

Since when did I say that? People definitely prefer the actual core of the Mac OS, but others prefer Windows. If you think that Macs are all extra software, then you’re wrong.

Uh… this computer is 750MHz and came with 128 MB of RAM and was BSODing constantly in XP. Now it has 512 and runs fine. I don’t know where you got that information, because it’s definitely not right. Plus, XP requires 3GB of free space to install, I believe.

Dep and Tim are right.

I agree with Infinity.

Retro, I think Dep and Tim is right.

Overall, the idea of the topic seems biased, considering that as soon as I read those “rules” I felt exactly the same way as Tim did, that you were trying to completely rule out the idea of anything on a Mac sounding cool.

Mac does do some stuff right.

Liks, come in here and tell us how wrong we all are. Please?

EDIT: Oh wait, yeah, I like XP. Haven’t tried Windows 7 yet, so I will refrain from voting until doing so.

That’s because you have to remove certian things that eat more ram. (Mouse shadows, stuff like that)

I’ve done so just so that it runs incredibly fast. :smiley:

Those aren’t RAM-consuming, they’re VRAM consuming. :stuck_out_tongue:

And not much, I might add.

Bah… why should I? I like MacOS X, most of you don’t.

The thing is that I don’t have to pay for ant anti virus or anti crapware software that will slow down an already slow OS.

Most of the software I use work together with drag & drop between the programs. And I will always find what I search for in the menues. It’s not like in Vista and Windows 7 where I have to press ALT to get the menu to appear.

You should be able to do everything with just one mouse button and no keyboard. That is a user friendly OS.

But I know that you think that I’m talking shit, as you always do. And the funny part is that most of you have never used a Mac in you lives. Some of you have, but you were afraid of that black mouse pointer.

You know, once you go black…

Fuck. Am I the thread killer or what?

Yes, you are. It’s not worth our time to argue with you, because you won’t listen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely what.

Also you’re a tool. User-friendly is doing everything with a keyboard only. >:3