Basic, Unfinished 2D Metroid Engine

A metroid engine that, as far as it got, was solely based on physics etc. I created it more than a year ago using GM6.

Simply wondering what Metroid fans might think of it. There is only walking (or running), jumping, morphball and morphball bomb - most everything physics-affected. I believe keys 1 and 2 switch between the two test areas I made available.
Edit: Sorry, forgot. The other controls are:
Space Bar - Jump
Arrow Keys - Move
F - Morphball Bomb

Uses Super Metroid sprites and a self-sprited morphball bomb as a quick fix. In no ways is intended to be graphically pleasing :stuck_out_tongue:.

Unfortunately I only use Vista now, which is completely incompatible with GM6, and refuse to go to any of the YoYo Games-owned Game Makers (for the same reason P2D did).

I’m curious however… The latest P2D demo does use the latest GM6, correct? Though I was able to run it using Vista. Any ideas as to why?

I think they used GM7.
That, or I had to convert it, I cannot recall.

I <3 physics, I’ll try your game.

Poop… I have a freakin’ Mac. :angry:

…Zurg, seriously, do you have an old XP disc laying around somewhere? Like, to the computer that fried or something? =/

I won’t download simply because it annoys me that Vista gamers can’t play GM games anymore because people refuse to get GM7.

Nope. :imp:

Dragon, you can use the converter, you know.

Haha >.> I do. Yeah, it’s true that I can’t play my own demo, heh.

For all of my most recent GM projects, I’ve used 5.3a which inexplicably works fine in Vista. It’s the next best thing to GM6, but its drawing functions are much slower and laggier. I really wish I could switch to GM6 :.

And unfortunately, the computer that fried seems to have some internal memory issues. I can’t even get an installation of XP to finish on it. I’ve tried replacing the hard drive with a brand new one, but that yielded no success. Next up is buying new RAM for it, but it uses an older form of RAM that only comes in 256 mb per card max :frowning:. Nonetheless, I suppose I ought to try it.

To the Mac user: You might consider getting a virtual machine :stuck_out_tongue:. They’re handy.

That would be me.
And my parents wont let me… :angry:

Yeah, the latest P2D demo was made in GM6, but was sent through the conversion program to be compatible with Vista. So, just run GM6 games through that before uploading (or after downloading).

I’m a little confused about why you’re reposting this, though. You made a topic for it last year, too, in the right board. :stuck_out_tongue:

well, if you truly want to continue working on it, you could contact me by’s also, are you willing to release the engine? I like it a lot and I’m really into game making.