Banner will not load.

Is it me, or is the head forum banner not loading/appearing?

its not loading for me either. maybe its broken for the time being… the edit button picture was broken not to long ago.

I’m guessing the incidents are related, though I know not any specifics yet. >_<

Shouldn’t we get a new skin altogether? We’ve had this one for a very long time. -_-

The old site that went down might have had that image on it’s server. :confused:

Er…that was my mistake. It’s an image shack image. Maybe it was deleted or something. I never trust image shack…xD

Eh, ImageShack’s just been really goofy lately. First the server with the edit button went down, then it came back up but the server with the little navigation bars went down, then that came back up but the server with the main banner went down, and now the navigation bar server went down again without the banner server coming back up. They’re not deleted, it’s just the server they’re on won’t respond.

I say we just let it pass, but if you’re really impatient I could reupload them and hope they get onto luckier servers.

Edit: Oh, looks like the server with the navigation bars is back up again. Maybe we’ll get our main banner again soon. As in like, within a day.

I hope. :confused:

Thanks for the imageshack input though.

Nevermind, turns out that was just my cache randomly kicking itself into gear. That server’s still down, too. Server 503 and server 72 are the ones giving us trouble.

i use photobucket :stuck_out_tongue:

Somehow, I dont want a new skin, yet I think it would be refreshing. Mabye if it had a similar color scheme, so it felt more, remade, than replaced.

Anyway, I can’t see the banner either.

the banner back for me.

Yup. I wonder what’s next.

the entire forum being replaced with the rip scu pic.

Let’s wait for the next item, then maybe we can figure out a pattern! Let’s see… Edit button, then the banner… Also, I couldn’t access the forum at all for a while earlier today.