Baby Sheegoth!

Here is the Baby Sheegoth:

Please tell me if If you have any ideas that would make it better.

Oh, and I also updated my other Meta Ridley post. There is an added fireball attack, and 2 more different head images.

EDIT: I already know I have to make a tail and fix that red part…

Well, that thing sticking out of it’s chin makes it look really… wierd. I don’t remember seeing it in the game.

And just so you know, you should probably only have one topic for all your sprites if you are going to make more. Or else a certain someone may quote a certain someone else having to do with multiple topics.

Oh, sorry. From now on, I’ll post my work on my Meta Ridley topic. Is the new Ridley better than the first one?

Oh, and that thing sticking out of it’s chin is a large tooth. It’s not on the chin, although it looks like it…

I looked at a screenshot and it showed 2 large teeth sticking out of a Baby Sheegoth’s mouth. The other tooth is behind the one near the chin.

P.S- Do you know what a “crest” is on Meta Ridley? Please check the Meta Ridley topic for more information.

I don’t get what people mean by “crest”…

The crest is the long sort of pointed thing behiend his head

One sprite topic per person.