Axi's Skitz Book

This is a thread based off of my sketch book thread at Conceptart [dot] Org.

Here is one of my more recent works. Its nothing amazing, to say the least. I had it printed for a student show at my college, and they bought it (heck yeah, money for art = awesome). Illustrator and Photoshop. I don’t have any sketches, I didn’t do any (sad I know).

Screen cap of process:

Final (scaled WAY down to fit your screen):

Here is some really really really old stuff (major junk, cool ideas but seriously).

From '03, pen on paper.

Some crazy stuff I have been working on.

A city, gonna change the perspective a bit … HL2 inspired.

Don’t really know what this is, just some … thing.

Some ‘sketches’ colored with watercolor. Never really messed with it before, fun stuff.

First of a few sketches, Metroid artwork.

More will appear as it comes.

im blown away! :smiley: :O_O:

Too much of the same thing, it’s good but you should try different techniques. Also, your coloring is too messy, even with watercolor it could be a little more ordered.
And the first image, the effects you gave that piece don’t fit the style IMO.

ANYways here is another page from my recent sketches … just some random crap.

Do not “…” Slothien. He is the one and only true god of artwork.

Firstly, I will “…” anyone I wish to “…”, its called the internet so deal with it.

And second off, I was not dismissing the things he was saying, I merely don’t have anything to say other than they are from my sketchbook. Emphasis on sketch. Not supposed to be perfect.

And … finally, there is no such thing as a “true god of artwork”. Everyone has their own styles that appeal to different individuals, for example, I don’t really like Slothien’s style at all, his art is good and everything but it is much too cartoon-ish for me. For another example, you and others may not like that first piece in my first post, but for some weird reason it won numerous awards in an art exhibit as well as being purchased by the art college I go to for over $400.oo … so yeah. It all depends on taste.

He was giving you advice on art in general.

That stuff is very interesting and good.

Nice work. :sunglasses:

i dont have anything to say, really… they are brilliantly done! except the watercolored pictures colors are kind of random sometimes…