Awsome Field Trip...

Our school district has end-of-the-year field trip where we go to Washington D.C. A couple of my friends are going and some friends that already went told me it is teh bombzerz. It is suppose to be “the best way to end 8th grade”, and the meeting today wasn’t mandatory, so I’m pretty sure more of my friends will come, not to mention some friends from other schools but from the same district. Unfortunately, it is ~$875! And thats not the worst of it. If you want refund insurance, you must pay $85 more! It sounds awsome, everything provided, in fact, we could bring no money to the trip and not starve or have to hitchhike for 3 DAYS. But still ~$945! I’m not going to throw a fit if I can’t go, I mean, in gamer talk, I can buy the best PS3 package with that money! But still, 8th grade, some of my friends will move on to a different High School, and there is no garantee that I will see them again. But again, around $1k isn’t something to spend lightly. So, after the rantering, what should I do?

If you’re going for the sake of hanging out in a hotel with your friends, then GO. We had like 3 trips like that in middle school (I only went on one) but the feedback from all of them was universally “YARRRR”
However, if you’re just going to see DC, don’t. DC is an AWFUL city, compared to… any other city. It’s got a bunch of boring museums, and that’s basically it. Unless you’re into that sort of thing…

Maybe I’ve got a biased view from living near it for 7 years, but yeah…

Do you live anywhere near Michigan? >>;

If you do, you should pick up some stuff from my bro who lives down there, and bring it up to me =D

I didn’t go to DC at the end of my 8th grade year. I dislike travelling in general, but I know it’s just a waste of my time. Who needs to go visit a city when you’ve got photos? Also, you could get a lot more entertainment out of whatever else you may buy with that money than those couple days spent clogging up our nation’s capital with those who aren’t government officials.

I’ve been to DC myself a few times, and most of it is a cesspool. Don’t go if the city is all that you are interested in- the Smithsonians are neat, but that and a few monuments are about it.

well if you do go dont bring any video games or stuff…that sorta steps on the purpose of going

dude, for the end of my 9th grade year we went to quebec which is the same general idea as your trip and it was defentially worth it.

Lol. Go. There’s no way in hell my parents would spend that kind of money on a field trip, but I think you should do it. Going places with friends is a ton of fun.

Funny… if I were to go to Washington, it’d be $750… and that’s for five days.
You probably go to a more fancy hotel or something… maybe eat better food.
Anyway… I vouch for going, but like most people said, not if you’re just seeing the city. There was pretty much one interesting place that my trip went to that was interesting.

Cool, my brother did to! what school did you go at???

Yeah I know for a fact I’m going to hang out with friends, for I’ve already seen DC. And yes, I guess I’m going to go, but I guess I will check with my friends to see which are going.