Awesome Mario Game

Check this cool game out:
Press F1 to see how to control mario.
I did not make this. I found it on the Game Maker Community in WIP forum :stuck_out_tongue:
GORE!! :imp:

Sounds like Super Mario Rampage…

It sorta is but it has great gameplay and is addicting. :smiley:

Good game.

You get mad at “Magma Cove” and you like this? You speak of originality, while this is a plumber with a shotgun? :stuck_out_tongue:

That was funny LOL :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

It’s pretty original for a Mario game. Unlike that rampage one, it was done well. If you want me to say everything I don’t like, here I go:

  1. The controls aren’t easy enough on the keyboard to warrant such pinpointed jumps.

  2. The worst error is in jumping. Jumping without first moving does not give you the same height as jumping while moving. This is pretty much unacceptable if you plan on beating the fourth (fifth?) level.

  3. The guns don’t match. A pipe bazooka and Fludd match pretty well with the Fire Flower ammunition. however, a realistic shotgun and rifle do not.

  4. The jumping Koopas jump up and down a bit too fast for them to be worthwile targets. I pretty much just skip them.

  5. Using the function keys wasn’t a very good idea. Make it easier to reach the weapons. This is also part of the reason that I like to skip enemies.

  6. Ammunition in general is a bad idea if it’s your only means of attack. You need to have some way of attacking with 0 ammo left. I’m not talking about the jump attack either. That doesn’t seem to work some of the time. If there is one that I missed or will be in the final version, ignore this.

  7. In the first Fortress level, a jumping koopa leaps out just at the crest of the “hill.” I died twice here because it leaps at the exact same height as needed to reach the platform. Making it emerge a bit later would be good.

  8. I don’t know what the music’s filetype was, but using lower quality than the SPC’s in Super Mario World is just bad.

  9. Consider weakening Fludd a bit as well as increasing its accuracy. Some of the shots will almost always overshoot their goal, but the shots do almost as much damage as the rifle. By doing both of these, the gun would be effectively unchanged, but a bit of the annoyance factor (crap, i keep wasting rounds!) will be gone.

  10. Having to reselect the gun at the beginning of the level is annoying, especially since what I said in number 5 spplies.

  11. Find the actual SPC for the ‘ending’ sequence. I don’t think the drumroll is part of that file. Since the points and time aren’t counted up like in Super Mario World, you don’t need the drumroll. Ignore this if the tally system will be added into the game later.

  12. On the GUI, collecting ‘food’ with full health creates a small glitch in the life bar. The time also counts down even after you clear the level.

  13. Swimming. Doesn’t work in some water, works in others. Also, switching to any weapon in the water level causes the physics to revert to air physics.

  14. Sprites in Paper Mario and Super Mario World don’t match. Edit them, preferably the Paper Mario ones, a bit.

  15. Too much health, or not enough stuff to hurt you. I fall off more than I get hit. Also, the ghosts in the ghost house just keep hurting you if you get hit.

There. That’s everything I find that’s bad about it - 15 items. However, the controls in general are good, and the storyline for such a romp can be left as mindlessly corny or even completely nonexistant. The choice of guns is good, especially the way that Fludd takes 8 shots before losing a single round. In my opinion, this is still really good. The creator even added in levels that he didn’t really have to for a demo.

In my opinion, this game does a good job, especially considering it’s a demo. I keep coming back to this demo again and again when bored.

Hehe-I was joking with you, but that’s about everything I found wrong with it, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

The creator seems to know what he’s doing. I’m sure he’ll fix it all eventually.

After reading that huge list of course.

He said he would fix MOST of the stuff on that list in the next demo.

Good enough for me.

Update! Download here

Why is all the good stuff under construction? :imp:

Because it’s easier to make a good draft of a bad product than a bad draft of a good product.

this game is awesome :slight_smile: