Audio Oddities?

So… I know this says graphics board, but where else should I put this? <_<
The best I can think of is General Discussion…

Anyway. I was bored, and I made this sorta pre-alpha like remix of Counter-Strike sound files. (Song doesn’t play automatically, click the arrow to the left of it to start the song.)

It will sound much more awesome when it’s done, and I’ll probably kill the original link when it is <_<

…while I’m here, are there any better audio upload sites? I hate this one, but I haven’t found any good ones…

Edit: Thank you, Tim, for helping me work out the whole upload situation.
Also, I’m working on a better player <_<;; This one isn’t the best, but it works for now.

Yousendit is nice.
However, just use webhosts. Superior.

Hm… all right. Thanks.

Edit: Updated the link.

Link broken :whack:

Come on, Yahoo, do SOMETHING right…
sigh I’ll fix it…

Holy fuck, I love you Google.
Another thing to use to point out Yahoo’s shortcomings.
…and host websites, of course.

Thank you very much for pointing this out, Tim.
Edit: 100 megs? DAMN, that rocks.
I’ll post another “edit” when I fix the link…

Edit 2: Fixed! Yay!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t do folders… but I just use it as a filehost.
Very nifty :smiley:
Also, I still haven’t actually listened to the song… I guess I might tomorrow.

lol… cool.
Might add more random stuff to the page, but… meh. The other stuff on my computer is just random techno crap that isn’t very… varied.

my only question for the google pages is does the address end up being that annoys the hell out of me, but i guess you kinda have to live with it unless you have some money on hand to buy out some webspace.

No, it ends up being like this:
Other pages in your website end up being