ATTN: Troid!

Come back from the dead! I miss you :frowning:

I never got a topic like this :frowning:

who’s troid?

Troid 92, the admin.

who by the way is epic and awesome and epically awesome


i forgot to mention the severe amount of ownage that raidiates off of troid


Also sorry, chagi, but it makes me sad that I can’t share my wonderful discoveries with anyone for 2 whole weeks. From everyone else it’s “blah blah just go learn the standard way” and then they hate me forever. Troid is much more fun :smiley:

So maybe if you want to replace him as my programming buddy, I’ll make topics like this for you >.>

Ya damn well better not. I too wonder where the fuck Troid went and miss him so, but this thread is the sheep’s vagina without a corndog.


Sorry, I accidentally dropped my time off a cliff.

I don’t know what’s wrong with my teachers, but they won’t stop giving homework. I’m involved in a lot of things outside of school, and this is all really hurting me. Literally. I’m getting 6 hours of sleep on average during the week, and weekends are nonstop work all day, some of it catch-up. My parents have had to email teachers saying that I won’t have my homework done because they’re concerned about my health and made me go to bed.

So. That’s where I’ve been. It’s been frustrating, having to do all this busywork for school. I can’t practice my clarinet anymore, because I’m either playing it in a group or doing homework. Private lessons are a stressful game to try and hide the fact that I didn’t have enough time to practice. I have no time for anything. P2D is one of the few things keeping me together, one of the few things I can look forward to in the distant future. Someday I’ll really be back, I promise you.

For now, though, I’ll have to be disappearing again. Tonight’s a weird night: I accidentally left my physics book in my locker at school and therefore can’t do my two hours of physics homework this weekend. That’s why I’m on here tonight. This is coming out of my grade.

See ya.

Ah, shit, man. Sorry to hear that. :\

Well, don’t worry. The good news is, I have a feeling there’ll still be work for you when you get back, even if that’s not for a while. >_>

Seriously though, good luck with all that.