ATTN: REDHALBERD: Urgent, read this! ><

I tried to fix your bizarre cannot-receive-PM’s error, but accidentally overwrote your password in the process. Normally if I changed vital stats like that I’d just PM you, but er, I can’t even do that, don’t have your email address, and rarely see you on AIM, so this could be a bit of a bugger to fix. I reset it to a generic one so you’ll be able to log in once you get it, but I have no idea how to get it to you… I presume the “I forgot my password” option would show it, if we have one of those there, so try that, and if not, try to get on AIM or something so we can work this out…

Sorry for the hassle and mistake and such… >_< But on the bright side, I think I fixed it >_>

Edit: … Er, this is Daz here, by the way.

Just posting to clarify that that actually was me and not a bizarre impersonation attempt. >_>

If it ends up not being fixed, I happened to stumble upon this while trying to figure out a bizarre glitch on a different IF board just now. (Although after finding out what was causing the glitch, I don’t trust that FAQ board as much)

Naaa, it’s good. Pass recovery did its job. It was sortavscary seeing that I had posted something I didnt know about.

Thanks anyway.

But my messenger is still full. >_<

Well, looks like I’ll just have to follow what that link I posted earlier says…


Should be fixed now.

Yay. It’s fixed.