attempting to make a fangame

from a GF trooper’s point of view
hurray Troopers!

but i need some help
i can quite get the movement to work right
i can make him fall when there is no floor, but jumping i cant do

anyone care to share their wisdom?

What language?

oh, right
duh :astonished:

in Game Maker

That sounds like… another fangame! Please make something more original than that, like an RPG, or a shmup. Plus it’s easier in some ways.

whats a shmup? o.o

SHoot eM UP.
Really, if you can’t make something jump, you’re not gonna make a good fangame, and fangamers are perhaps the harshest critics of all, so… make something else?

i got a slight jump out of him
im still trying to figure it out

1)Download the Games Factory 2
2)Go on Metroid Fan Mission How Tos
3) On that site, you should have everything to make your fangame. Credit the guys who did those.
4)Do something original and good.

thanks =D

You’re welcome. I haven’t tried any of those, so I can’t garantee that they’re any good <_<. I only go on there to check out the sprites.

cough My sentiments still exist, use whatever you like, it won’t change the fact that fangamers are the harshest critics, so make something original, and don’t release it on the internet, it’s likely crap.
Use it to imporve your skills untill you can make something that isn’t crap.

thats what im doing
just kinda messing around to figure everything out

Yeah, experimentation is key. Start small figure things out. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to make anything big on your first try.

holy crud xDD
my guy does an ok jump now…

but he falls through the ground afterwards xDDD


ok so thats fixed now =D

i just need to work on a higher jump ^^

edit edit

ok, jump is higher
on to jump sprites!

well i sorta got the jump sprites
but i keep getting stuck in walls if i jump at them X.x

well that was weird =D

i cant get the sprite to change back from the jump sprite
it keeps changing into the idle left O.o

Don’t triple/double post. Use the edit button.

sorry, can do!


trying to figure out how to make health :confused:

I couldn’t agree more. Games Factory 2 is really easy to get started with and learn. Once downloaded, Metroid Fan Mission has literally everything you need to make a full Metroid fangame. It has a Metroid engine equiped with jumping, morph ball, health system and weaponry. Not to mention, it has plenty of usefull resources as well, like tiles and sounds. Me, being a TGF2 (games Factory 2) MMF2 (multimedia Fusion 2) user really think you should use our advise here. Game Maker is not bad either though, it’s just a little harder to learn, it lal depends on which one you work best with. also, since I’m a TGF2/ MMF2 user, me and my friend shrander have made several tutorials on Metroid Fan Mission which are mostly aimed at beginngers. I’ve already made fully functional tutorial which explain complex tasks like room transitions, simple particle effects, and a simple rag doll engine to use in your games. :wink:

it just stinks that it costs 60 bucks X.x