This thing is so cool… MaynardsTool posted it in the scu board… why shouldnt it be here!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres my last shot at it:

Enjoy using it :stuck_out_tongue: it rocks!


yo, that’s pretty damn good. how long’d it take you?

Watch the replay on normal speed and time it :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow just wow.

I just saw the samus drawing…


The shading, the penciling, the painting…it’s god.

Woh. $_$
Heres my atemp to make a metroid

:O_O: :O_O: :O_O: Fusion Suit Samus is awesome. I tried to make a “masterpiece” but I gave up on it. I’m such an amateur… :cries:

I am AMAZED at what you did! I tried drawing samus but didn’t get much of a result. :frowning:

Zachtroid, I improved your um… uncolorful metroid.Here it is…

I’ve seen this site on other boards. I’m checking it out now.


Artpad is insanely hard to use, but if you’re good, it looks well worth it.

This a super Mushroom from the Mario games. The Mushroom

You spelt “kingdom” as “kingom!”

Omg liek teh new!

Watcha think?

Slothien, why do you own SO MUCH?

-EDIT- A Tree

-EDIT- Daemonic Eyes

First off, I felt this needed a quick bump. Secondly, I finished some new artwork while brainstorming ideas for my game. So. Drown
Candlelight Curse

Hey, I can do it, too! :smiley: Whatcha think of my “masterpiece”?

P.S. It’s not done. >.<

You all suck. :cry:
“Masterpiece” Chief needs better shading though.


:angry: I was just trying to give some constructive criticism…