*** Artifacts of the Month ***

Artifacts of the Month

Each month a new list of Artifacts will be added to this topic. What is an Artifact, you ask? An Artifact is a task, small or large, and the goal is to get all of them done as a team by the due date.

Interested in doing one? Don’t be shy! Simply post which one you think you can do and try to get it done by the due date. There is no limit to how many Artifacts one person can complete.

Not an official Prime 2D team member? Worry not! You can still participate in Artifacts of the Month. In fact, if your work is accepted, you may even join the team through this activity.

But remember, do your research! Stay accurate to Metroid Prime and do your best to finish the Artifacts completely and thoroughly (ie. don’t submit a burrower sheet that cannot burrow).

Feel free to post your progress in this topic, but final submissions must be private-messaged to me. As a team, try to get all Artifacts done each month!


This month is Yes Month. Here are the current Artifacts:

  1. Lava
  2. War Wasp Hive
  3. Oculus
  4. Plasma Processing Pipes
  5. Giant teeth
  6. Hive Mecha

These Artifacts must be submitted on or before Sunday, Febuary 1st, 2009.
Remember that they should be private-messaged to me, or I may assume that they aren’t completely finished.


If you want to see how your sprites animate, we recommend using Kinesis Animator. (Direct link to download)

Here is a sprite of Samus to use as a reference for size:

Remember that objects appear much smaller in a first-person view than they actually are, so it may help to morph and unmorph near an object to see its size compared to Samus.

Here are maps of the different areas in the world:
Tallon Overworld (By DestroyerF)
Chozo Ruins (By Darth Nat)
Magmoor Caverns (By MetroidMaster1914)
Phendrana Drifts (By GreenMamba)
Phazon Mines (By Phazon Eater)
Impact Crater (By DestroyerF)
Full Map (With major alterations to the above maps – by Metroid Fan)

What is this, sprites?
Anyway, good idea.

Yeah, they’re all sprites in the Temple this month. Sometimes a few MIDIs will be included, but the list is random.

So I’ve gotten a start on the leaking crate. Phazon animation to come later.

I’ve gotten my hands on this piky thing that falls from the ceiling, what was it again? Stalactite <.<

View this as good news or bad news, but I just did some math:
There are 198 resources left on the list, including this month’s Artifacts.
If we go at 12 resources a month, which is pretty slow when you think about it, that’s 16.5 months, or 1.375 years. That would be finishing them all before next summer. At a slow pace.

I’m seeing that as good news.

Good news for sure, some resources have long animations and HUEG sheets -.-

You could do several Artifact lists, that way it could go faster. You could, for instance, put a list of Artifacts for a certain theme, such as Phendrana, Phazon Mines or whatever. I’ll try Artifact 2 and 3. Very good idea, though.


Very nice so far. I would recommend detail be added to the red x thing on the left though. Try to anti-alias it or something so it doesn’t stand out as bright red pixel thin lines. Can’t wait to see the phazon.


The Stalactite is well detailed, but a little flat. The Ice/snow at the top looks very bad though… not sure what advice to give. It’s shaded very pillowy, and the outline probably shouldn’t be there in places.

Also, LMAO at the Echoesy Samus for size reference.

I totally agree on the ice, I sprited it on a laptop without a mouse, I kinda rushed it, so it does need improvement. Got any idea on how to unflatten the stalactite?

I can make alot of backgrounds in photoshop in short time, but only wil make general things (like a mountain bg, or a snowy plains) not like, that exact stone from that exact place. If thats ok with everyone…

Well, why not? It’s not like the game is hard to reference, and it’d be nice to have things look like actual things, not vague approximations from Earth.

them on black = eyes hurt

They’re in phendrana, though, with snowyness all around…
I guess the rock they’ll be hanging from will be dark, but I think it’s fine.

Times like these are when I wish Dr. Bok Choi was still around. He was AMAZING at things like ice. :\

He was amazing at everything. I loved that guy.

The Samus is looking good _. Though the colour palette for the stalactite should be more like the ice (ie put more snow on it). Apart from that, shading is okay and shape too. More contrast should be added to the ice.

Go see the Stalactite in Phendrana, no snow on it from the side I drew it on, and as for adding contrast to the ice, anymore and it looks like shit to me, so I don’t know.