Art stuff.

Space Pirate:

Tatanga’s Going Down the Chimney:

A football guy:

Some leprechaun:

A dragon riding a motorbike, how odd:

they’re all a little odd, imo. well, im not really an artist when it comes to sketching, so i really cant give any tips. you should try shading them though.

Thanks man. :laughing:

I don’t see any reason to shade the coloured ones but especially the space pirate

drew this yesterday


its not an absolute work of art but…well…just as said, it still is good, yet odd…


Also drew this.

Also kinda weird.

And this:


a mix of lord of the rings and metroid? hehe.

Why Adam, why?


Because I said so, ya heard?

More stuff.

I shall name you one who draws weird junk!

i like that one.

Everything is custom but the background.

cool. you might want to try outlining the whole part of the letters though, instead of just half. it makes it look bad.

your shading works, in a sketchy, artsy kinda way, however, everything is not proportional.

also, angles are odd sometimes.


looks like a cross between Zorro and weird al

Everybody else said Jack Black.

Made for a friend.

hey guyz i drew donkey kong as a robot

i havent been here in a while