are you afraid of clowns

i am, because they are evil and want to destroy us all. there laugh is evil and they keep saying : LETS BE FRIENDS! in a scary way

Yes, clowns are the only thing more intimidating than Davey jones. A staring contest with a clown, is like … getting banned!!! shudders

I’m not affraid of anything. Lol, but it would be friggen awesome to have a Metroid game in 2d with Clown enemies…:smiley:

That would be pretty weird.

Clowns are pointless. They stand there an juggle. And because anyone can juggle 2 balls with 2 hands, they suck.

clowns aren’t scary…just killer clowns…but those aren’t as often…

the main reason i am scared of them is because when i was 3 a clown approached me in the circus and laughed menicingley. i whent: “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

Um… I’m just going to back away now. This topic makes my heads hurt.

one word: It

Don’t play Timesplitters then.

i remember it. … theres a clown in timesplitters???

i mean, im not REALLY scared, they just scare me, bot i dont dare punch them coz they might go all evil with spiked teeth and… hides under bed

Dude, i wouldnt touch a clown if it you paid me. I just search for the nearest projectile and throw it, preferably an atom bomb, or nuclear warhead.

i would prefer a water balloon…yeah…smaller blast radius…and then the clown is just a guy wearing funny hair with runny white makeup.

Clowns are just people in fnny suits with face paintings. Are you telling me you’re scared of them?

They are paid to look funny and have a big smile. But they look angry and smell.

theres a clown who comes into my street every friday and i am scared of him. he makes satanic baloon animals and his shoes hide his claws, and his teeth are spiky. i am scared of him.

ARE YOU A CLOWN?> :slight_smile: :Clowns are your friends!
DIEEEEEE!!! ==> ==> ==> ==> ==> ==> ==> :O_O: :…MOMMY!!!

ehh…? teh feck?

anyway, clowns are annoying. thats pretty much all i have to say about it. i dont hate them, i dont like them, they are just annoying.

the clowns are after me. i can tell by the way they stare at me and when i look out of the window if the clown is there he laughs. i hate him.
one day i will end up battering him and getting arrested.


I gotta tell ya, I just HATE clowns! Look at john wacey, the friggin dude was scary with makeup on :unsure:

That movie: ‘Killer Klowns From Outer Space’ WTF was that!?!?

I onetime at this party saw a clown, he waved at me all manacial, and that same day at night I saw him walk :astonished:, it was creepy as hell ;p