Are Video Games Good For Chilldren ???

Oky, so here’s the thing we having a debate at my University and were the team that states that video games are good and educational. Please state your views and sourses.


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I think they can be.
I know I learn to spell water through the lego rock raiders game :smiley:

Metroid, zelda and so helped a lot with problem solving.

There’ve been lots of studies into it, but I’m a bit too rushed to find them now.

If games weren’t good for kids, games like viva pinata wouldn’t exist.

I learned the word “adjacent” when I was like 4, through Exile 3.

Games are good for stable children, but when you get people like that fat black kid who was all like, “‘cause doin’ bad things is cool, and its totally rad!”, they can be bad. If anything, the idiots out there follow the “Monkey See Monkey Do” sort of thing. They play GTA, and then they want to hijack a vehicle and run over people.

And then there is the guy who mugged his teacher so he could buy GTA:SA.

Yeah, a 3 year old game, when the new one is out <____<

Jesus, didn’t he have an internet connection?
SA sucked anyway.

Also, I’d like to reinforce what Dragon said, that you have to be a special sort of nutcase to be adversely affected by video games, and add that, on the subject of jackasses like Jack Thompson (rofl, by the way:…torms-out-court ), ALL media desensitize people to violence/sex/drugs. Including real life, and the news.
Arguably, movies are far worse than video games, due to the realism. And in terms of “good for children” in general, I think video games as a medium are 5000 times superior to movies, violent or not. A 5 year old playing GTA would benefit from it, in terms of hand-eye and reflexes and such, but watching SAW he would just shit his pants and be a broken wreck for the rest of his life.

If a kid’s committing crimes or whatever due to a game, he already had some fucked up issues. People need to stop trying to blame whatever new media is out for their own failures. -.-

lol, Jack Thompson
(One of the best gaming podcasts ever, BTW. Links to the best, and the best retro gaming podcasts are on the right :stuck_out_tongue:)

Video games increase hand-eye coordination and promote reading skills. Seriously, how many avid gamers were the kids who stuttered and were bad at reading during the first few years of school (and sadly into the later portions)? In my experience, video games help. However, there is a need for filtering. Kids do not need to play SA. It’s like that one aunt that was going to sue Take-Two because of the content in SA which she said was inappropriate for her 13-year old.

Shut the hell up.

If parents are actively looking out for which games kids are playing then it’s going to be fine. Kids don’t need to play San Andreas or GTA4 or CoD4. For a parent to allow a child to play those games is in my eyes criminal. When I was growing up I played Mario and etc., watched my brothers play Final Fantasy IV…I’m not saying that gaming was the exclusive source of my hand-eye coordination and reading skills, but it certainly helped. I may not have always known what the heck I was doing (I imagine I rarely did), but at least it was fun. Besides, I was an extremely active kid anyway, parents letting their kids veg all day is stupidity anyway. Kids aren’t capable of making their own decisions, and kids like to be active, but if you promote a lifestyle where they are not, then they won’t be and it’ll bleed through.

Games are simply a supplement to help kids learn and understand. I think kids without video games are put at a disadvantage. The puzzle solving and logical forethought that kids learn from good, hearty games are greater than most things (except stuff like the classic games). When kids are old enough to understand what a game is and the purpose behind it they can start to appreciate it.


Why would being able to play those games be criminal. Depending on the child’s mental stability, which most are, the kid shouldn’t be attempting to put immaginary to reality. There’s know need to allow only educational games which are boring as ass, when most people learn this stuff from the real world without the help of games.

I’ve just spent an hour and a half playing Crysis.
I didn’t kill -anybody- (I grabbed a few guys and threw them off walls, but they got back up again), apart from that guy who drove a truck through a house, silling everyone inside. Wasn’t my fault I strength-jumped over it <_<

In any case, hell yeah, I didn’t kill anyone!

You think that’s an achievement? i just beat substance with like 14 kills but thats besides the point, I played OOT and MM as my first games at 8yrs and i found that I probably wouldn’t be the same as far as motor skills without that (according to some doctor that I’ve never met >_>)

Well, yeah, but bear in mind this is my second playthrough, and it was on hard. (Also, it did need pretty fast motor skills, which I don’t think I’d have without gaming)

sure, they help coordination. i’ve learned most of my english from playing games and reading on the pokemon cards (i was the only one in class to know what a butterfly was).


they fuck your eyes up something amazing, at least if you sit for a long time.
i can’t see anything sharp more than 10 cm away from my eyes xd

XD, that’s why your parents tell you to sit away from the screen, silly.

Closer than 10cm is little too close anyways dontcha think?

Unless it is really small, you wouldn’t see the whole screen :frowning:

FLAZE! (false)

Only a CRT computer monitor can possibly be bad for your eyes. Unless… that’s what you used to play all your games. In which case lol.

Because staring at something without moving for several hours is good for your health.