ar codes?

is their any kind of way to make your own action replay codes instead of using the ones off of the codejunkies site? if so how? :confused:

not anything that takes less then 4 or 5 hours…
not that I know of.

if your saying that u no of a way but its just gonna take a really long time, tell me what it is. i got all the time i need. lol

EDIT: u no what. instead of me taking the time to learn it, how bout someone who nos how to make AR codes make a Phazon Beam at anytime code for Metroid Prime v1.2? lol. ive just been wanting a code like that for so long.

I don’t actually KNOW how to do it, I just know it has a little to do with studying/hacking the game codes.

what system/emulator?

gamecube, if thats what u mean. Other people make them