Anywhere to download Direct3D?

Ok, so, for some reason my computer doesn’t have directs 3d. Is there somewhere online where I can download it? If not, how do I get it?

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If that still doesn’t help, then here’s a hint: it’s part of DirectX.

yeah, i tried that, and i couldnt find out where i can download it.


hm… i dont know how you got there… but thanx.

edit:after downloading, and trying again, my game(red alert 2)still pops up as a black screen. and i had 2 like 10 yr old computerrs play it, and the one im using now is like 5.

Googled DirectX, went to the wiki page, found it in related links.
EDIT: RA2? Gimme a sec……-ME,-2K,-and-XP
Try that, and if it doesn’t work, I think you’re screwed. RA2 is relatively bad at working on computers in general, so don’t be too surprised. Anyway, I have to sleep now. Good luck.

well, ok, thanx. :slight_smile:

edit: yeah, im not going to pay $5 a month for one thing.

ill just have to reboot the computer… :cry:

edit: i guess it would help to actually install it instead of just download the installer.

Yeah, wouldn’t hurt >_>

bah, still didnt work…

What’s the error now?

You NEED to get a new graphics card. Then UPGRADE your graphics card.

no, thats not it. it will play things like the sims which i garuntee is way more 3d.

Then UPGRADE your graphics card.
It has something to do with your gfx card. D3D and DX all have to do with your gfx card.
And just because The Sims is “more 3D” doesn’t mean other games “less 3D” will work guaranteed. The Sims probably uses DirectX (I don’t have The Sims) or maybe OpenGL.

Considering RA2 is completely 2D, it is pretty much guaranteed.

I have an idea it will probably work but you probably wont like it

back up your hard drive…and re-install Windows.

then if you don’t have Direct3D use one of timaster’s links

That’s what I’ve been told to do, but I have alot of stuff on the computer (mostly music for my iPod) and it took a long time to do. Besides, the main reason I use the computer is for blender, which works fine.