PLZ I need something better than hyper cam

let me rephrase, Could you plz tell me about something better than hypercam?

Yes, if you tell me what the fuck Hypercam is.

I remember HyperCam. I hate it so much that I want to shoot the creator in the foot. :confused:

I don’t know of anything you can substitute it for without buying something, but I use my video card’s S-video output and my TV card’s inputs to turn screen footage into MPEGs…

Camtasia, Nuff said.
(just google it, should be the first link, go to Camtasia Studio Screen Recorder and click “Try”)
(Also, its 30day trial, but you can keep reinstalling it to keep it forever.)

HOWEVER before you start recording CHANGE THE OPTIONS!
change it to “save as avi”.
then you should be good to go. (there are other things, so you might need to change those too.)