Anyone here make/have made a metroid game?

I was wanting to make my own metroid game, and I noticed that alot of people are using the 2 dimensional nintendo sprites to make online games. I wanted to make a metroid game online, using the gun from metroid prime. Also, if enough people like the game, I will probably end up making a small series. Does this soun legal? I’m pretty sure it is, I just wanted to double check, since it seems like some members here have some experience.
Oh, lol, I know this is my first post, but no, I did not join the forums jus to ask this question and leave.

do you have any experience?

If you don’t know, you probably aren’t ready to do it.

Start smaller :slight_smile:

what he said

Yeahhh… Don’t rely on others to carry out your ideas, and don’t expect others to be willing to. Especially if you yourself don’t have the experience to do it yourself. No offense meant, but everyone gets big ideas, and too many don’t have the experience to do crap with said big ideas.

I have some experiencemaking games, and I think this project is doable. However, the player will not be able to turn around/walk freely. If I go through with this, I would work on a small demo that is basically one level of the game, then just have the game stop at a certain point and ask if you would continue playing.
Oh, and what do you mean by “…don’t rely on others to carry out your ideas…”? Just wondering. No, I’m not going to sit on these forums all day and ask for people to make me sprites, graphics, scripts, etc., lol.

Lol, like I said, I have some knowledge with making games. All I was doing was double-checking to see if I could use the metroid prime gun in my game, and it appears that I can. Thanks.

Ah right, you’re speaking strictly legally.

Well, the legal situation is incredibly blurry - it’s technically against copyright, but because it’s not for profit, Nintendo don’t seem to care, so go ahead :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it, man :slight_smile:

(The reason most people use 2D sprites is because software like “Game Maker” and “The Games Factory” have minimal to no 3D support, which is what tends to get used for fangames. Sorry I misjudged you :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, okay, thanks.
Lol, Well, technically, my game will be 2D. Playing around with Gamemaker showed me that it’s really quite simple to use 3d graphics in a 2d game, and end up with a game with a decent 3-dimensional look.

I want to get started on the website for the game, but that won’t happen until I come up with a name for it. Maybe once the game starts to have more of a storyline, I will be able to think of a name. Lol, the game is extremely interesting so far… you shoot a metroid, and you automatically get inside of this room :astonished:

Coughs up blood

Oh, jeez o_o ack! Ahh ow, ew, WHAAATTT?!?!

I’ve spoken with UbiSoft site administrators and the head of US advertising about my own game before (years ago). Usually, it’s all good as long as:

  • You use your own graphics (no direct rips).
  • You use sound that you are entitled to use (open source or custom).
  • And above all, you give credit where credit is due.

Giving credit is very important, but I’d say that unless you’re planning for the project to be huge, the sprites and sounds aren’t as important. Nobody’s gonna waste their money suing you over that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

True true. lol

I’ve opted in for nothing but original sprites for my own game though, regardless. Just because the robo pirate looks on the GBA kind of suck, my main character isn’t Rayman, and you only play in 3-4 worlds that are in the Rayman games, but all of them were originally 3-D. :stuck_out_tongue:

speaking of which, i like your non rayman main character xD

Hooray. :smiley: lol

Yeah, what’s really funny is that more people that haven’t even played a Rayman game in their life have shown support for my project than those who have. :neutral_face:

Though, I guess that can be a good thing too.

i love rayman
i had it for computer once, and for PS1
now i have it for both xD

for the record XNA has full support for the third dimension and unless you plan on making your thing for the 360s user generated games its free (as far as i have been led to believe)

also lol @ ppl who hate both ryans project and Raving Rabbids because that’s essentially saying that you hate post 2003 rayman >_>

Actually, I’m talking about Rayman 1-3. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though, to be honest with you, I haven’t really picked up entirely on Raving Rabbids myself. The first was great (for a party game), but then they hastily made a second with about 90% of it being games that make your arm fall off.

Also, funny bit of news that was in the past (referencing to Nintendo Power and IGN interviews), Ancel left the team of his own game once it was turned from a platformer on the Wii to a party game on the Wii, and even threatened to leave Ubi. The compromise was a BGE2, despite the original Beyond Good & Evil selling so horribly, and, well, that’s been all confirmed now that BGE2 is officially announced.

I welcome to E3 back in the summer when it was announced

and RR3 is awesome