Any body have mario64 ds?

I just got super mario 64 ds and it rocks! any body else got it?

I got it only because there’s nothing else really out for DS (Except Wario Ware ^_^). It’s alright, I like how they changed the gameplay and added three new characters to the mix.

My sister has it. I’ve played it, and I don’t like how you just play as Yoshi to try and save Mario and the others. That = not cool.

The graphics were better, but I didn’t like the controls. Just didn’t feel right. Overall I prefer the original N64 version.

I haven’t played the DS version though.

Once you save the others, you can pretty much ignore Yoshi and finish the game fine with Mario.

Can you finish the game with only Yoshi?

It’s impossible since you kinda need to be Mario to fight Bowser.

Only Mario can do the spinning throw? And wouldn’t they just put special items for Yoshi and the other characters?

I just beet the game and I have to say, it was pretty good. I love playing as luigi! 8)

You can beat the game with yoshi, just wear a mario/luigi/wario hat so you can preform the throws. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve got about 90 stars so far.

I just want a PSP with Twisted Metal: Head on and Metal Gear Acid.

…and Timesplitters: Future Perfect.

have it, beat it 100% in 4 days because ive beaten the original 100% :laughing:

i don’t have it yet but im plan to get it and yoshi is one of my favorite mario characters

I should get it and Metroid Prime: Hunters soon(like in May or something) :neutral_face:

i don’t even have a DS and im gonna get it after 19 may because its after my birthday

I have it but I dont really like it for many of the reasons auras already said.

Mario64 DS sucks for the sole reason that it’s a port. I hate ports. Cheap money strat…

Yeah, i’ve got it. Easier than the original. I’ve got 119 stars. Not many to go!

I love this game.