anti insect topic

who here hates getting stung by bees? who hates avoiding the fridge because theres a spider next to it? who hates all insects and hopes they all die? if thats you, talk about those bastard insects here! death to the insects!

i hate them all so much to hell! why cant the government just eradicate the planet of them? there so annoying and big eyed and creepy i hate them and hope they die! bees keep stinging me, so ive destroyed loads of nests with bombs( not real bombs) and i just hate it when insects are around me!

weve spent litrteraly thousands on exterminators, but they keep coming back!

If you hate bees and spiders so much then move to Antarctica. If you decide not to, then quit whining. Bees aren’t the worst thing that has happened to the world.

Actually, due to my respect and love for all life of this planet (except humans), i really like bugs. I’ve never been stung by a bee or wasp, and being stung wouldnt change the way i think. They’re just defending themselves, or their nests, therefore it’s perfectly just for them to sting. I’d fucking dropkick someones ass if they tried to break into my house, so they obviously feel the same way.

Therefore, i’ve come to the conclusion that’s there’s absolutely no reason to hate insects.

Wait…Mosquitos. I hate mosquitos!!! I dont give a damn if they need my blood to nurture their developing eggs. I wanna fucking kill them all!!!

Other than that, i like bugs.

Mosquitoes? Hate.

Mites suck far worse, though (and I’m talking about the ones that cause scabies).

Insects aren’t all that bad, they help us more than they hurt us. It’s the circle of life.

  1. if tou kill all the bees honey, wont exist anymore!

  2. The croc hunter wants to protect the animals & bugs, and you want to destroy the bugs.

but if you really hate them dont go to australia, the poisinus spiders are there.
(spelt right?)---------------------------------------------^^^^^^^

you all suck bugs never … “bugged” me like ther just doin ther thing…except those wasp bastards…and no chozo dude you didn’t spell poisonus right

Poisonous. You got it wrong too.

And I don’t like bugs, but as long as they leave me alone, I do the same for them. A yellow jacket stung me in the forehead yesterday, and I rewarded the genius by burying his nest with sand and killing about twenty of his buddies. They have a hard time stinging you when everything but your eyes are covered by hunting clothes.

you whats fun but evil? taking the hose and putting it on “jet” so it sprays really hard and one place to destroy thr nest

btw nice new sig and avatar metroid king

Yeah, well, I suffered itching, bleeding, and infections for over a month straight because of mites. And I don’t know of any creatures that eat mites, so they can just go die.

i have no hatred of bugs,exept i do hold a grudge against some flies who live by my comp…

It’s also fun to squirt wasps as they come to attack you with a super soaker.My Back Yard is a wasp graveyard. I’m not as “Buzz,Buzz,Buzzzzz!” in wasp, which roughly translates into, “That b****** with the water gun” :smiley:> =P)

i hate bugs. Especially after a wasp stung me in the neck. ouch

i only get bit by misquitos. The funnest thing is when you have a flash flood super soaker and you pump the most you can and put your gun right infront of an abt hole (or colony) and blast them with the secondary attack! :smiley:

wow… your scared to open your fridge cus theres a spider?

in AZ we have scorpions sometimes, im not scared, because i know where they are, and if i dont know where they are, how can u know if there is one to be scared of?

its one of those things you shouldnt be afraid of, imo. They typically wont hurt u unless you disturb them.

You guys are all fucking murderers. I dont see how you can take pride in taking life. I’d kill a wasp if it stung me, id kill it, but that doesnt mean i can go, and kill all his friends just because im pissed.

Good Point

:smiley: I was like 7.

and Im not allowed a pet spider, No matter how hard I try :frowning:

Thanks for calling everyone a fucking murderer. I feel ashamed, but wait, I didn’t even do anything!

Also, you’re a “fucking murderer” too because you still killed the animal anyway. Albeit it might not be for pleasure or revenge, but you still deprived it of life, hence, murderer. Everything kills anyway, it’s not like you can stop it or even say that you’re better than anyone else in that regard.

Murder is defined as a human killing another human. Nobody can murder a bug. (It’s called “killing.”)

A wasp was on my neck one time, and I reached back because I felt a tickling sensation, and it stung my thumb.

In order to murder something, it must have a soul.

Hey, like the babies you want to abort.

Which means… you are the only murderer here.

Also, if the wasp stung me (and it was a yellow-jacket, not a wasp) what is to keep his buddies from attacking me, unprovoked as before?