Another Rest Period?

With no plans for future development of any Metroid games, (It would seem Dread has been canceled, but thats old news.) are we bound for another long break between Metroid games? It was eight or nine years between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, and the only open path being post-Fusion. What happens next?

I see no pattern in game development, except that there has been one Metroid game released every year since 2002. I’m pretty sure this burst has ended.

I sure hope that it’s not gona be a long break…
I got into metroid late in '02, and I can’t imagine a life without the awsomeness of it…how I survived before, Idk…


well apparently at the end of MP3 a mysterious blue ship follows samus in the end cutscene after the kill dark samus so, I hope that leads to another game.

It would be sweet if they continued off from fusion. Dread was canceled? I thought that there was a small inclusion about it in one of the logs of MP3?

Nintendo has confirmed that Project Dread, as it was called, is not in production at this time. Yeah, apparently the press conference regarding this was buried in useless news…

Well, if its not Dread, then I hope they at least make a sidescroller for the DS, as they figured out the first person shooters didn’t work too well.

Dunno, MP3 sold reasonably well over here.
I hope they drop the FPS idea though, Metroid is not a fricking FPS.

A sidescroller for the DS could rock.

I was referring to fps on the DS cause prime hunters sucks, but yeah, metroid is meant to be sidescrolling

Prime Hunters had its flaws, but I thought it was overall a pretty good DS game. The FPS Prime games are great, but I’d like to see more 2D games along with it (sort of like the Prime- Fusion deal). Also, the Metroid Prime 3 engine was great, and it sucks knowing that it’s not going to be used at all since MP3 was the end of the trilogy.

Hunters rocked online, though.
Then again, that’s all hunters was, an FPS.
MP3 was the last in a series of fantastic FPAs.
Sure, have Halo M: Samus’ story, but make that a new game, not PRIME 3

I agree with you about the MP3C part however not on the hunters aspect, it was one of the best online games of the year but untill the DS lite i hated it because the big old DS gave me carpal tunnel syndrome >_>.

I don’t know, I liked the Metroid Prime 1-3 but I just don’t like the feel of hunters, and yes it really sucks on the old DS, but even so on the DS Lite, the controls just seem awkward.

i really would like another sidescroller, but on the Wii, more like super metroid, darker, scarier and aweome like SM…

but not on a handheld, enough of pokemon style, put some side scrollers on the Wii, now!

…Scary? The only scary parts of Super Metroid were A. When I went through the space station the first time when I was, like, five, and B. FUCK, I died after playing for an hour after the last save point!
…ok, fine, C. When Mother Brain stuck herself to an ugly-ass body.

However, it seems like no one can stand 2D games anymore if it’s on a system that supports 3D. The last thing I saw like that was Castlevania (I think? <_<) on the DS, Megaman X6 on the PS1, and… nope, that’s about it. If they tried to put it on the Wii, they might end up using 3D models instead of 2D sprites. shudders… am I the only one that would hate that? It would ruin basically everything about the game for me. Honestly, if it’s a side scroller, give me highly detailed sprites over ugly models any day. Especially the weapon fire.
Seriously, that’s one of the main reasons why I didn’t like Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance as much as the ones on the GBA. It looked like the graphics got worse instead of better when they added the 3D… the amazing spell effects (and amazing critical hits, and even attacks) now looked… really boring and bland, and the more powerful spells looked like they were trying to compensate. Not that they could…
The only part I liked better about that game was some of the battle and support system stuff, and the battlefield. HOWEVER, since there is none of that in Metriod, I will pretty much like the game half as much as any other metroid game, period. Yes, even hunters.

2D game, using very high resolution sprites, with hundreds of frames for seriously smooth movement, with pixel shaders.

But really, people say the Wii ain’t powerful, (it’s actually thrice the power of the PS2), but imagine what it could do with 2D. No rendering, the strain on it’s graphics just plummeted.
WiiWare would be a good distribution system for it, get new people into sidescrolling, adventuring, metroid.

Yeah, see… you seem like me. A new 2D (metroid) game on the Wii is something that could cause an intense gaming orgasm. However, most people would label a 2D game on a next-gen system as “outdated graphics,” and denounce it as a failure.

Hm… interesting idea, though. You think those “wiiware” games they brought up a couple of updates ago could be used as demos? I, for one, was pissed that the MP3 preview thing included absolutely no demo, just videos.

There is a reason they won’t make a 2D one on Wii ya know…
2D graphics on a console as powerful as the Wii would simply cost to much to make. The only way I could see them doing it, is to make hi-res 3d models, then taking shots of them and using that for sprites. If Metroid was as big as Mario, and we all practicaly demanded it, it might happen. But the bottom fact is, it is just to expensive.

Why would it be expensive?
If anything, it’d be cheaper, modern models are incredibly detailed.

Yeah… why the heck would it be difficult at all to make 2D sprites? I mean, the system already plays 2D games via the virtual console. It’s not like it has difficulty running 2D games <_<

They also already did a sidescroller with 3D models for Mario. The thing is, Mario looks fine like that. It doesn’t matter how cartoony it looks, and it also actually enhances the special effects in Mario. The problem is, a game like that for Metroid would look horrible, and hinder the special effects. Don’t believe me? Compare Megaman X6, which looked great in my opinion, and then play X7 or X8.

I agree completely with that. Except I still highly prefer sprites in Mario games as well. The exact reason I shudder every time someone mentions the prospect of a 2.5d metroid game.


I don’t like 2.5D
I like 2D sprites, or 3D-hyperrealisticaspossible, or 3D stylised. Like okami, or paper mario