Another prime 2D

Well, I was googling around the other day and , well, I found this. Another P2D! It’s being done by a french guy, and, frankly, it’s looking really promising.
Here’s the URL (hope you understand french. Yes, you should have listened in clas… :slight_smile: )…me-2D-t5485.htm

so what do you guys think? did you know about it?

Wow, that looks really nice. If the game was in English, perhaps his game and outs could help each other out.

You know, I don’t want to show off, but I speak both english and french fluently, so that doesn’t bother me! :wink:
However, it would be great if both projects could cooperate… or maybe the competition will simply increase the final game quality. The french project doesn’t look like it’s nearly as advanced as our own p2d.

i hope they didn’t see our forums here and steal our idea. the plant boss thing looks really nice though =P

I like our gunship better. I like their title screen better. I like our Samus better. I like their Flaahgra better.


Still looks like a Flash game. Since the last time we saw it anyway. At SCU.

Yick, that Samus is abysmal. >_>

i still believe this will be a better game

EDIT: Heres a translated page…Flanguage_tools

EGAD but google translater makes things funny.

Yeah that’s old. I had a small chat with him on a forum, the one we saw his proyect for the first time.

It’s nice, but those sprites have no quality whatsoever.

“I like our gunship better. I like their title screen better. I like our Samus better. I like their Flaahgra better.”

Yeah, I agree with P2D having a better Samus and Star Ship. However, besides their Flaagra, I don’t like the art style of the game.

the shading is almost flat enough to call it cell shading =/

i heard the guy came in to work with it half done, and the next day came in with it drunk but had it done…

this IS supposed to be a translator isn’t it? >.>;

lol look what it says

“Samus Aran is chasseuse of intersidereal premium, at the time of its childhood, his/her parents were killed by the pirates of space, dice at the time, it was collected by the chozos. The chozos taught all their knowledge to him, and in gift of good-bye, they gave him an armour, the costume of power, resistant to the hostile environments, and in which circulates of blood chozos.
It is what it was necessary for him to go to protect the universe and to avenge its family for the pirates for space?”

It says his and him! :O_O:

and “it”

Something feels off about this whole thing… Some of his sprites just seem creepy similar to your work… Maybe it’s just the fact they are based off the same objects… But the ship in the background, and the background on the menu screen… They just seem to alike.

The gunship from Prime is just a very recognizable ship–I once spent 5 minutes jumping around it to draw a few accurate sketches from different angles, and the front view looked just like the P2D one. The menu screens are exactly the same because they’re also exactly the same as the one from Prime. >_>

Everything else is different–either much uglier or much larger than ours.

Funnny, all of the Imageshack links are broken when I look at the page. But I’ve seen it before, and it’s not pretty.

nvm, it works now. The Flagghra is nice, and the samus isn’t to bad, but the ship is really ugly.

Sounds like yall may eventually become rivals if this person keeps with his game.

i doubt they’d really become rivals, especially because of virtually no means of communication. who speaks french here? xD

Gah I’m too dumb to realize that you have a valuable point here. Cheers!

French and America Prime 2D smokem’ piece pipe.

If nobody over hear spoke french Id be shocked. Dont DF, CFX, or Troid speak it? I think someone does.