Another Metroid 2 Remake

Project AM2R - Another Metroid 2 Remake
(The real name will be used when the game is done)

This is my version of Metroid 2, I’ve been working on it for about 2 years. Now it’s starting to get quite good. Right now I’m working on a trailer, so you can see how it plays. A tech demo should follow soon.
Here are some screens:


Megaupload Mirror
FileFactory Mirror

  • The game will be as linear as the original. No open exploration, you HAVE to kill the Metroids of each area like in the original. However, I’m thinking of adding a Time Attack mode, with a lot more freedom to explore.
  • Right now it plays a lot like Zero Mission. The upgrades available are the following:
    Super Missiles
    Spider Ball
    SpeedBooster (complete with Shinespark)
    Hi Jump
    Space Jump

Charge Beam
Ice Beam
Spazer Beam
Wave Beam
Plasma Beam

  • The beams can be stacked. Each one can be turned on/off on the fly. All four can be active at the same time, unlike Super Metoid.
  • Missiles have splash damage. The whole damage is divided between the direct impact and the explosion. Super Missiles won’t affect the game difficulty during Metroid fights.
  • Spider Ball works just like the original one. It can grip in any surface, but it’s really slow.
  • PowerGrip has more animation frames than Zero Mission.
  • Samus can walljump, just like in Zero Mission.

I’m working on a tech demo right now. I’ll be posting some details of the game design in this blog: Project AM2R

Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome.


Looks good. What are you coding it in?

Game Maker 6. I know it’s not the optimal language, but I’m not a programmer.
Anyway, I spent a lot of time and effort to optimize the engine.
It should run at 60 fps on most modern machines.

You may be in luck if something called ‘ENIGMA’ pulls through, then you can compile it! Hopefully.
Anyway, check out 64Digits, it’s a cool GM community, and people would like to hear about your game, I’m sure.
Oh, and tell people I referred you, and I’ll get a prize!

OMG, you know what, I always wanted to do that. Though I suggest the enemy sprites originally from MII should be redone in an MZM style (the spitting chozo heads should melt in your bg,really). Rocks under lava, should be alphad, the ship should be a redone MII ship, chozo statue should be MF or MZM. Apart from these niggling details, well done! It looks really good! I can’t wait to try it. Oh, could you put custom keys in the game? I’ve a french keyboard, and that’s a bit of a problem.

I would be keen to help with sprites. I would understand if you decline the offer.

Impressive, I’m looking forward to watching the trailer, keep up the good work!

Hmm, I don’t think much of trailers. Gimme demo over a movie any day.

This reminds me of Sephi and Pizza’s project. I dunno if you’re further than them though. I need to see a demo first.

I really suck at spriting, but I drew all the Metroid 2 enemies so I could use the sprites as placeholders. I prefer to code the AI (more animation frames could be needed) and then put more work on the sprites. I tried the rocks under lava, but it’s really hard to see. Since I’m adding Gravity suit to the game, I wanted to make the lava easy to navigate through. BTW, no, you won’t be able to skip sections using the Gravity suit, it’s gonna be found really later in the game, just before the last omega metroids and the queen.

I follow their project, I really like their view of the game. Their last demo is really atmospheric, you really feel alone there. My version focuses on action, It’s a lot more arcadey and fast paced. The atmosphere and desperation will appear at later stages, when omega metroids appear.
Right now I’ve completed all the features listed at the top of this post. I still have to code most of the enemies, tweak beam damages, add the menus, and complete the levels. Right now I’m tiling the big cave just before the second ruins.

Thank you all for the constructive criticism!

Hey, is it possible you could make this compatible with PSP, I mean, after your done with the fist version and take a nice long break. This looks really cool, and I’d love to play it on my PSP. I’m in no hurry, so if you are willing to do it, you can take as much time as you need.

on another (more on topic) note
This looks really good, just beautiful, I’d NEVER be able to two years and make a game this gorgeous (unless of course I was being payed :laughing: ). Keep it up, can’t wait to see the final product.

Unless it’s being coded in C or some PSP-only coding language, there’s pretty much no chance of anything being compatible with a PSP.

Edit: On second thought, anything that can run on Linux can probably run on a PSP. Isn’t that right?

Heck if I should know, I know nothing about porting (or whatever) games like this.

But that’s just that’s just my input :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never played metroid 2, so I’ll be eager to try this.

looks cool, when are we gonna be able to download it?

I don?t think so. Unless somebody figures out a way to play Game Maker games on a PSP.

I?m trying to make this game “first time metroid2 player” friendly, but being faithfull about the map so veterans will recognize the places.

I?m finishing a tech demo, so you?ll be able to try out the engine and experience how it will play. I?ll try to finish the game this year, it depends on how much free time I can get.

How did I miss something that looks so awesome?

Yeah, just imagining Metroid 2 with Zero Mission sprite styles almost makes me want to build a time machine, threaten the entire universe in case of a time paradox, go into the future, and get this when it’s completed.

Looks really great so far! Though I’m kind of iffy about the use of Samus’ SM ship in a MZM tileset… just looks a bit too dark.

There are a couple glitches in RoS that I really liked. The secret worlds and the morph ball glitch-jump were fun, and the glitch-jump immediately after getting hit helped me get around. Will those glitches be in your remake? They’d add a lot to the sequence breaking element, which is a necessity in every Metroid game. 'Cept for maybe Echoes and Fusion.

I don?t have plans to include those glitches. There are ways to sequence break, since infinite bombjumping feels and behaves just like in Zero Mission, that actually opens a lot of item skipping chances.

Anyway, here?s the trailer I promised. It looks quite choppy at 30fps, but it?ll give you an idea of how it plays. Enjoy!

Project AM2R Preview

PS: Is it okay if I embed this video in the first post of the topic? I didn?t find any rules about embedded videos, but I just want to be sure.

Looks great, almost as though nintendo made it.
LOL :laughing: Prince of Persia sucks
i wish that you could make a demo

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