another glitche

Ok this one is very tricky… in the battle against mother brain:


i said what i mean, there is how move samus and shoot beams while the gigant metroid and the even more gigant mother brain are fighting…wanna now how?
here is how (in steps):

1.get all energy tanks

2.pass the first stage of fight(brain only)without lose one single tank(you can replenish with reserve tanks if you want ,but the thing is that you have to be 100% in the secound part of the battle when she uses the BEAM!!

3.fight mother brain until she prepares to release the “mother beam”, and do the easy part,get your ass kicked by the beam twice, this you let you with 16 tanks i think,the number dont matter just get screwed by the beam twice, then, and only then, pause the game and turn off all you equipments including suits, now your defense got donw.

5.just get kicked one more time by the beam and you will found yourself with 2 tanks and deep breathing on the floor… press up and SURPRISE you can walk freely arround the room while motherbrain takes the rest of your energy with those strange eggs and pinky ring beams… now, the when the metroid come to aid you,remember to be jumping,or samus will be stucked on the floor again,

well thas all, complex is’nt? but is worthy!! and those stupid guys from by bulding said that snes gave all he had to give… COMEON!! lest rebirth that glorious videogame

my spell sucks so if you dont undestand ask and i explain the part

i have done this glitch before. you just need to use reserve tanks and you can move.

you are a kick ass clitch finder!! when i grow up i want to be like you!!

i thought everyone knew that!

your being sarcastic?

no,im seriouse.

oh… ok then :smiley: