animl crossing 2d online

animal crossing online

demo 1.1 download link here
visit the town of belair to get a surprize from my design partner fresh prince!

just to let you know there are a lot of bugs in this demo i will come out with the new version 1.2 soon and it will have more features too
also come to the gmc to see my topic there the gmc topic
the newest updates on the game’s developement
new demo will include

fully redone graphics and online play using soc…

fully playable village

chat system…

online identity ex: name

and more…

screens of new game demo

old gameplay screenshot
old gameplay image

[size=6]if you want to play the old demo click


this demo feature online play but it uses mplay


up down left right-control keys

post a chat message-enter

pick up items/talk -control

new things to be added to the game

TOP SECRET!!! :laughing: :laughing: you’ll just have to wait and see!

announced new features

online game lottery with big jack pot

in game advetizing for your sites, game crews ,and such

traveling to the city(a place where everyone can get together and shop play arcade games and watch movies online)

many new animals

many new items and clothes(like pants)

many new features like swimming and riding a bike


Omg, that looks nice!
downloading now