Anime Fans Unite!

I’m sure there’s bound to be some anime fans here. I was just wondering what people were into nowadays.

Me? I’ve gotten myself into the following:

Full Metal Alchemist
Bubblegum Crisis 2040
Haibane Renmei
Serial Experiments Lain
Ah! My Goddess TV
Samurai Champloo

I’ve seen a lot more but I figure I won’t post a huge list. So what’s everyone into?

Dragonball Z fan for life!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Ten bucks says a 13 year old will show up and be all for Dragonball GT, Pokemon, and Digimon. (all of which are a disgrace to anime, and are chock full of vague dialogue, useless fight scenes, and the innane belief that more hair = more power)

Actually other than that, I haven’t really watched alot of anime except for the really crappy stuff my cousin used to like and made both me and my sister sit through. although Robotech used to be one I watched alot, and if game anime counts, Chrono Trigger was a huge one too.

Edit: gak… looks like i was just a liiiiitle bit too late with that one

Your lucky that I think DBGT was a disgrace to the dragonball series, or I be mad at that comment. As for the more hair = more power comment, super saiyan 3 goku would own you :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :laughing:

For the record, I’m 18 :wink:

see, the only problem i have with the dragonball series is those two things, GT and the hair thing, other than that it’s actually not that bad. (and yes, im well aware i would get owned to no end by goku in super saiyan 3, I dont dispute that for a second)

Actually I’m still a DBZ fan (Android 18 for life ^_^). More of a Dragon Ball fan than Z though.

DBZ is one of those rare animes where you can tell even the creator just didn’t care at the end. He wanted to end it at the Freezer Saga, which would’ve made an awesome ending but people demanded more and he got pushed to make up to 291 episodes. If you watch the japanese version, it’s actually very tense with silences going through well over ten minutes. There’s not as much talking but there’s even worse screams. (The entire SON family is actually done by a female Voice Acress in Japan believe it or not).

Screw GT. It wasn’t even made by Akira Toryama.

Chrono Trigger had an anime believe it or not. It was just a one episode OVA of all the monsters haivng a party. And I have a friend that’s into Robotech so don’t feel ashamed.

(Note: I really don’t want this to turn into a “DBZ IS AWESOME” and then a big argument why it’s not afterwards. A little bit is fine, but I really want to see what animes people watch. I’m sure I’ll probibly get 90% of the board saying DBZ though…).

I’ve met exactly two DBZ fans in my life that had more intelligence than a common ground squirrel. Dark Samus, the fact that you love that show explains a lot about your behavior on this forum. :sweat: If you find that offensive, good. I’ve been meaning to PM you about it.

Now then. Anime on the whole sucks. Not because of the shows, but because of the otakus. The peopl that think OMG JAPANES SO ITS GODLY. But as for how the shows actually are… Some of the Gundams are pretty good…

Still, I’ll take a manga over the show any day. It’s almost always better… especially with things like Love Hina. That manga pwns all. :smiley:

Edit: Sorry Aura, didn’t see your post. In that case, I’ve met three. <3

Dragonball Gt…ewwww! Uh… After DBZ and Dragonball ended I stop watching the shows. At least the ones on the T.V. I own the entire freiza saga! Man that is God Awesome. Also, Pokemon the manga… or what Ive read more like a U.S comic book is bad, Digimon never was good, Beyblade... I bet someone going to go OMG! A movie is coming OUT!!!!! Uhhhh.... Why hasnt anyone mentioned … oh yeah Zoids! Nice show, better Manga. Gundam G the show was awesome and so was the Manga. DBZ mega fans got too caught up in the Gt for me. So Screw them!

Heh, thanks for the compliment Daz :stuck_out_tongue:.

I admit, there are some pretty crazy otakus out there and even worse are the ones at conventions (I go to Otakon every year and get plauged by Man Fayes and Sailor Old ;-:wink: mainly because they don’t even shower >.<.

I myself don’t think everything Japanese is “godly”, but some aspects of the culture are cool. I took Japanese mainly to learn the language not because I like anime.

I actually agree with you about manga being better than animes. It’s almost the case for every anime that is spawned from a manga. Berserk is another prime example. Manga in general are always going to be better than the anime because the creator has more of a say as to how the manga is produced where as the anime he may or may not have that much of a say. It really depends on the studio producing the anime. However, dispite that I still watch the anime because 1) It saves me the trouble of coloring the manga pictures when I need sigs/avatars. and 2) It’s kind of cool to see how they make the characters come to life (not that I’m saying they seem dead in the manga, but I hope you people get what I mean).

Ja, the anime are better in ways, but overall…

And… compliment? O.o I was only trying to make it clear I wasn’t insulting you, but hey, if you think having more intelligence than a squirrel is a compliment, then more power to ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, I would find that insulting if it didn’t come from a guy who humped space pirates all day long :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Besides, I like more than DBZ too just so you know. I just wanted to get the first reply into this topic so I didn’t make any list. But I also like InuYasha, Gundam Wing, and Dragonball.

Ah, the Trinity of N00bishness. I don’t kjnow why, but every n00b i’ve ever seen loved one of those three.

But I guess this is bordering into flaming so I’ll shut up.

Some parts of the Dragonball series Anime and Manga was just preverted.

See volume 2 of the Dragonball manga. Acutally just watch the parts after Goku beat Piccilo, there is just something about pigs staring at naked ladies that I think is funny.

I hated Gudam Wing. G Gundam was is and ever shall be better.

Actually, the DB mangas weren’t half bad IMO. They had more to them than “guys with big hair look constipated at each other”. :laughing:

Hm… anyone here seen Vampire Hunter D? :smiley: THAT is a damn good show.

Preverted but, fun to look at… :smiley:

Mmm I love Vampire Hunter D. The game sucked though, but the movie was awesome. I dind’t like the sequel that much though.

And Dark Samus (I’m sorry if this seems like a flame) I’m having serious trouble believing you’re 18…but whatever.

Allenbi was the only thing I really liked about G Gundam, that and the fact they made fun of almost every powerful country to date.

Gundam Wing wasn’t too bad, but it’s been forever tainted by yaoi fan girls for me >.<.

I never said I was 18… i said i was 12 acutally now I`m 13 but, whatever. In G Gundam I thought that Sy Sai Shi was awesome. Also is Allenbi the guy that was from France.

:laughing: way too many dark samuses in here :laughing:

she meant the other one

At least I’m not the only one getting confused.

Are either of you the Dark Samus of SCU, or are all three of you different people? >_<

Im not on the SCU board. Im Dark Samus with one space… the other one is Dark Samus with two spaces.