Does anyone know where I could get a animator program for sprites?
'Cuz it would be cool if I could show my animations to others.
Not using Game Maker wich is the one I usually use, but have no idea of how to post these animations on forums! :smiley:

Dont take this as requesting illegal soft ware, please.

I would perfer a free animator program even if it isnt the best.

Google ‘unFreez’. It’s tedious but easy to use and gives great results.

I use imageready. Free with photoshop, and is easy to use.

A Sprite animator for Sprites? :stuck_out_tongue:

animation shop 3 it comes with paint shop pro there both awsome

What’s wrong with using Imageready for sprites? 5 minutes can easily produce a good 10 pose animation.

Not everyone has Photoshop or 600 spare dollars. >_>

Yeah, I use unfreez too, and it is a good free program, if somewhat slow to use, and the

timing is different from the gm animator. Really, though, they both have similar core

functions, but gm has its effects and unfreez can do loops.

Luckily I do have Photoshop.
So I can use Imageready, but I have no idea how to use it.

For some odd reason I cant delete this topic?! :neutral_face: