Animated PNGs.

…this has actually been out for a few months, but animated PNGs for the win!
(Need FireFox 3.0.1 minimum.)


APNG, it makes animated PNGs.
I wish there was a Photoshop plugin to make them somewhere. Oh well, a short wait.

That, I believe, is a win.

Finally, a way to animate sprites.

There have been animated PNGs for years. APNG is 2004 news, but MNG is ancient news–they started designing it in 1996.

I still like them! Just haven’t messed with them.

Edit: Oh, gee, and they’re so easy to code!
Make a little chunk of data. Copy complete PNG file after that chunk. Repeat as necessary.

I like how the animated gif for Firefox has less frames and lack of proper cropping to take out the shadows. : | Though it was designed to go on a white/gray page, but regardless, fewer frames.

But anyway, it is a good thing that it’s out. :slight_smile: I just prefer gifs still for certain things because I prefer to limit the colors of my sprites.

Yeah, and it’ll suffer the same fate as PNG if IE doesn’t get round to supporting it.

Judging for how long it took for them to fully support CSS2, I’d say with IE9.

And IE8 is in beta right now.

I haven’t touched IE in the longest time… We even all use Firefox at work just because it’s more secure. We deal with a lot of account information. :sweat:

Aye, but IE basically killed PNG, or at least significantly slowed it down, by not supporting it.

Actually, fuck that: Web developers, hear my call: Use APNG for bloody everything, preferably the first frame being “Use FF” and it not set to loop, maybe then we will have change!

IE is a bloated piece of shit. Because about 80% of IE users (which is about 80% of all internet users) use IE6, us web developers have to goddamned make our images shit in order to work in IE6. Why.

my mum uses IE so im stuck with it =[

she doesnt like the foxy maiden

“Accidentally” install Firefox.

i tried like 4 times, she always deletes it <_<

i need to get my computer working better again

she deletes browsers? doesn’t she know you can use 2 different ones? >.<

yep, shes just really annoying

portable firefox :3

download a virus onto her computer. that’ll teach her to use IE :slight_smile:

On CBS News, they actually featured Chrome, Firefox, and Opera because of the amount of security holes in IE6 and IE7.