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My stage name is “Dan Andromeda.” I compose Ambient/Atmospheric/Experimental Music. This is my 27 minute GCSE piece, it is not yet completed, criticism is always welcome as is suggestions.

I have to split the song into three parts as youtube don’t let me have more than 10 minutes. See my profile for parts 1, 2, and three or the link below.

My suspicion is that you will prefer parts 2 & 3. I would like Zurg to watch part 3 and get his thoughts.

Whats next: I am due to start recording with some Tenors, a saxophonist, and a female singer. I will use some of the recordings on this piece and the rest on new material. For more songs and news visit my home page and please subscribe. : )




You have skill.

Pt1: Interesting composition… Seems like a very futuristic type ambiance in the first half. I am loving the part from 4:30-6:30 though. Reminds me oh so much of Tallon Overworld. 6:30-end was… not my favorite. Too simple, I think.

Pt2: I like this one. Beginning was nice and peaceful, then attacked by a presence at 1:40, although I feel the voice was tacked on, and detracts from the overall feeling. Part starting at 6:40 took a while to get going, but when it got there it was pleasant to listen to.

Pt3: Overall it was awesome, though at points could use a little more layering. In general a very beautiful composition. Screams… peace. 1:25-4:30 was downright beautiful. That little break, while it could be a good thing, I feel it would work better if you removed it to blend with the next part as well.

In general, you have some beautiful work. If it is indeed supposed to be submitted as 1 piece, I would suggest you work on some transitions. :slight_smile:

If you could get me an MP3 file, that would be going on my Zune today. xD

Thanks Zurg. As you can tell the composition is no where near finished, i will be adding live singing and saxophone playing as well as a tenor opera singer. When these have been recorded i will remix the whole thing, and master. I will sort out the ending to part 1 first though. Thanks for the comments because they really do help and will have an effect on the final product.

MC or should i say Andromeda? :smiley:

This does sound really really good :slight_smile:
My only complaint is that I’m not a fan of ambient music… but then that’s not really a complaint. Thanks for posting this!

O.o Thats amazing. It sounds so… calming. Like Zurg already said though, layering is something you want to focus on if your doing ambience.

So I’m listening to part 1, and I find some of the synth choices remind me a lot of Massive Attack. I notice you’re not going for much melody, just atmosphere. Say, are you interested in joining the Cirque du Soleil? I notice you have favorited some videos of Quidam, a show my uncle worked on.

What was his role in production.

Did a youth Cirque Program a year or so ago, very educational.


Artistic Manager.

New song. Doing loads of recording at the moment so expect new material in the next few weeks.



oof, lose the drums man!
tooooo heavy

Hey MC, how 'bout doing music for Maniac Puzzle? :naughty:

Don’t count on it. :laughing:

A certain other forum browser asked first. :sunglasses:

Yeah, your cool Zurg. But seriously good luck on that. Music is hard shinznit to get. Especially stuff as good as MC’s. Props by they way MC. Major Props.

Yeah, that ambient stuff would be perfect.

Thanks very much, means a lot. :smiley:

Weird, it said the most recent post was by Dan Andromeda when the most recent post was Metroid Commander. ???

He requested a name change, as did Phlakes and I think someone else. I refuse to do any more, so stop asking.

And it takes a while to take effect in their posts.

Actually old posts never change. Only the new posts have the new name, and usually only in new topics.

Some of my posts after the change still had my old name, but in the latest post thing to the left of the forum name showed the new one. I think that’s what’s happening with MC.