an extremely long game

everyone has played some main console game, and they can be great. but also there are 2d games out there for gameboy and such that are awesome! just imagine if they took a game like metroid fusion, made the graphics extremely good, but still 2d. and made the game both more inovative, and made it go from 4 hours, to at least 40 hours! by making a game that is 2d on a big brother console, they could make an extremely long, and satisfying 2d game, why wont they do this!? does anyone else think this is a good idea!?

No. That would get boring as hell. <_<

dude… siriously. ever sat in front of a tv playing 1 game for 40 hours? thats, like dazzy said, boring as hell. I know i would never buy it (if i knew it would go on for 40 hours)

the main problem with your example though, is the monotony of metroid games. if u made it 40 hours it would be even worse. now, if u looked at some other 40 hour games out there, they’re good because they’re not as monotonous as metroid games. think about it. collecting item after item for 40 hours. wouldnt that get boring?

games like half life, a near 40 hour computer game, get boring at times. But, it wouldnt be bad as that long metroid game because you dont do the same thing over and over again. catch my drift?

guys, its not like playing pong for 40 hours, just look at castlevania: sotn, it was on a large (larger) console and lasted longer than lots of other 2d games, and lots of people loved it, so none of you like the metroid formula? if they put the entire metroid series into a gamecube disk with better graphics, would you not enjoy the entire collection (assuming you never played them before). cmon, be a little open minded, it wont be as restricting as 2d games found today.

See, Metroid doesn’t really have much of a drive to keep the story going. Super Metroid most of all. You got your mission, went and collected the items needed for success, and killed Mother Brain. The closest thing to story elements after the prologue is landing on Zebes after the space station exploded, and Mother Brain attaching her head to an ugly-as-hell robot that resembles a giant space pirate made of metal with large amounts of rust.
Castlevania has story running THROUGH the game.

And the problem with throwing together all the Metroid games in a big storyline game?
Samus: “Mission complete! I gathered the needed items, killed (insert random ending boss), and now I’m on my way to get my paycheck! Aw fuck, (random event killing weapon systems)And now I gotta go find them again because the bad guys are always to fuckin’ stupid to put them somewhere I can’t get them!!!”

er…i didn’t say it had to be a metroid game. there are games out there way over 40 hours, and they are 3d, so who is to say a 2d game cannot be just as fun? just because a game is 3d doesn’t make it a good game, and just because a game is 2d, doesn’t make it a bad game, so if you are willing to play a 3d game 40 hours (and despite how many of you may claim not to play a game that long, the hours DO add up). a 2d game can be 40 hours, and still be fun! you dont have to follow the same metroid formula throughout a game, you dont have to have a learning curve of half an hour, and there isn’t really much difference between how 3d games and 2d games interact with the player except that 3d games have different viewpoints and such. just look at any final fantasy game, they can be long and entertaining, why not a console game?

Your hand will be hurting from it like big time.

Not if the game is fun…

I’ve played Morrowind for 50h+, found everything in the game and now my character is at level 100. I had fun most of the time playing it.

And a long time a go, in like '96 when Daggerfall was the only thing i spent my time on, I think I played it well over 100h+. With five different characters.

Oblivion is a much smaller game, but it could also last for about 40h if you try to find everything in the game.

So… with some RPG elements, a 2D platformer could last way over 40h, and add co-op multiplayer support and the game could last forever.

3D games just seem to have more lasting power before getting boring, though. Platformers tend to lack the depth to stay engaging for so long. Item hunting that lasts that long is a possibility, but it would get tedious as hell, plus frustrating if it unlocked something–and pointless if it didn’t.

…There ARE 2D games that last that long. Zelda can take forever. RPGs all take a long time, and there are plenty of 2D RPGs. Legend of Mana is an example.

RPGs and games that are about beating a level and moving on to the next one would work pretty well. Games that require item hunting wouldn’t.

I agree with Cloudvaris. In my opinion, he hit the nail on the head. No offense to it or anything, but the very first super mario brothers was cool for the first few levels, but once reaching world five, the game turns from very great and cool to something like “Not this again!” No disrespect, but it was too long of a game with no reward for finding every secret in the game (except for bragging rights, of course). 2D long time games like Mario don’t work. 2D RPG’s work, because you get to do more with it than go through level after level after level, or in Metroid’s case, item after item. The games get too tedious and boring.