An actual Skyrim topic

Yay. So I was checking the site and just noticed they got some screens up.
Considering how much Bethesda was flaunting their new tech… I’m not impressed.

Tod spilled the beans. It isn’t a new engine after all, just another reworking of Gamebryo.

These are the best looking shots:

But hey, at least the people look somewhat normal:

Looks like a revamped Oblivion to me.

Still… gfx aren’t the best from those screenies.

After seeing col. Shepherd, I don’t think any screenies of people will look realistic to me.

col. Shepherd…who?

Anyway, glad to see that the people aren’t residents of the uncanny valley, and news on DX11 support for the game?

I have immediately lost a large amount of interest I may have had in Skyrim.

That said, changing my interest from “orgasm-inducing anticipation” down to “pants-shittingly excited” doesn’t really change the fact that I will be addicted to Skyrim for the entirety of 2012. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, I’ve never really gotten into any Bethesda game as much as everyone always seems to and as much as they all make it out that I should, I dunno, everytime I pick up one of those games I always seem to want to go play a SNES RPG after a while of play.

I only hope that with this as a starting point, the community can rock out some mods.

Qarls Texture Pack 4, anyone?


Sorry Syntax… I must now apologize for my sad state of affairs. :frowning:

I think it looks fine.
Can’t wait to slay all the NPC’s in this game too.

It will be EPIC to crush them all with the biggest hammer in the game!
I miss the Skull crusher from Morrowind sometimes when I’m killing NPC’s in Oblivion. :frowning:

That’s COMMANDER, not COLONEL, dipstick!

IMO the NPCs are still very solidly in Uncanny Valley. The ONLY game I’ve ever seen that doesn’t have characters in there is BF3. DICE is putting some killer effort into their characters, and it shows.

Dx11 support: 100% no, I’m betting no Dx10 either.

Didn’t he start as a colonel?

Now I’m losing my mind…

(S)He’s never been referred to as Colonel, always Commander within the games, that’s what threw me off, I’m thinking I know a Commander Shepherd from Mass Effect and General Shepherd from Modern Warfare 2 but no Colonel Shepherd.

Anyway, those screenies must be from a console version since it looks painfully low res.

the best and most impressing games are made in Sweden. :wink:

I thought they were made in Germany.

BF3 completely kicks Crysis’ arse graphically.



Play these two videos at the same time. Try to line them up exactly, or, following the comments, start the BF3 one ten seconds earlier. The first one has smaller parts well synchronized, and the second has the major events together.

Or just play this one:

I’m not sure if I’m the only one but those weapon animations really bug me, everything seems so comically small.

Dunno, they look pretty good to me. I’ve actually held a few of the guns those are based off of…

Lol he was using a reflex sight for long range combat. FAIL.

Oh, yeah, his hand looks really fricking weird.

@Lilium: that happens a lot in gaming, more info located here.